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All social network at one place - Yoono

Yoono is a powerful socializing  network tool for social geeks. It may be really hectic for many people out there to sign into multiple social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, FriendFeed, AIM, Imeem, AIM, GTalk, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger on daily basis. Yoono does this all. When installed it places a sidebar into browser which can be customized to suitable size.

Its interface is pretty much like Digsby IM in the sense that it places all the social networks updates in one column.Whenever browser is started it auto signs in all social networks and produces real time updates.

One thing worth mentioning is its search mechanism. Prominent words which are widely used on internet when occur in any social network, are underlined for Wiki, Photos, Videos etc discovery.

Interface is very neatly placed, allowing options for collective or individual feed for any social network or IM. Also if you see any picture, link, video on internet worth sharing, it can be quickly shared on Facebook, Myspace, Flickr etc by right clicking it and choosing 'Share'.

Get Animated Emoticons for Facebook Chat

Emoticons are usually the best way to show your expression or emotions while chatting. Since we all know that Facebook chat is preferred by many users instead of WLM chat or Yahoo!. The biggest advantage is its flexibility. The original interface of Facebook Chat allows a limited number of emoticons.

However Facemood AddOn allows animated moods. There are mainly 5 categories of moods namely My Animated Moods, Black icons, Facebook Classics, Merry X-mas. You can also add sub emoticons from animals, love, beetles, party, travel, games, food and drink.

Install Facemood AddOn for Firefox

Fishbowl Facebook Client for Windows

If you are a Facebook addict and want to bring it to your Desktop, try out Fishbowl. This application is built by Microsoft own developers on Silverlight 4 platform. It allows photo browsing, zoom, photo slideshow, drag drop images and is completely ad free.

It would be great if chat feature is available, for now an online friend is marked with a green spot right next to his name and we can't chat with him. If you click on any page link it will open as a pop link redirected to particular website, and avoids using browser. Furthermore there is no option to delete your own feeds and would be highly appreciated if its embedded in future versions. One thing which is adorable for sure is the orientation of Display pictures.

Facebook Dislike Add-On

If someone posts a link on Facebook whether its picture, video or article you can comment it, like it and share it. But what if the link is disgusting and you don't like it? There should be also be a thumb down link, isn't it. Firefox Add-On does it.

Facebook Dislike is a Firefox Add-On which places a 'Dislike' link to thumb down any article/pic or video next to 'Like' link to show your opinion to the submission.

Requirements: Firefox 2.0-3.6*

Get Facebook Dislike Add-On

Facebook Explorer

Facebook Explorer is a mini Facebook gadget for Windows 7. It lets you track incoming messages as well as enable you to change your status from the sidebar. Some of its features are

1. Easy to use interface
2. Stores login information
3. Set or Clear status
4. View summary lists of friends activities

Download Facebook Explorer

Facebook Notifications App on Desktop

Previously we covered Photo Uploader tool for Facebook which allows you to upload photos on facebook right from your desktop without visiting the site. If you'd like to receive Facebook notifications on desktop try Facebook Notifications 2. This .NET based tool gives easy to use interface which notifies about new Facebook messages, events, friends request etc on your desktop.

Download Facebook Notifications 2

Facebook Blackberry App v1.7

Latest Facebook Application for BlackBerry is available now. Some of the features are enlisted
1. Update or view status
2. Receive instant notifications
3. Post and tag photos
4. Sync Facebook friends
5. Organize Facebook friends

To signup:
1. Click the Facebook icon on your BlackBerry smartphone home screen
2. Enter your Facebook email and password
3. Click the Sign Up button
4. After creating your account, complete the steps below to Sign In

To signin:
1. Click the Facebook icon on your BlackBerry smartphone home screen
2. Enter your Facebook email and password
3. Click the Login button

Requirements: Blackberry device software v4.2, Blackberry smartphone 64MB memory with atleast 882KB of available memory, Wireless data service provider, IE for desktop download.

Follow User guide (HTML/PDF) for comprehensive evaluation

Download Options (Desktop, Blackberry browser, Blackberry Webstore)

Multi-Facebook Desktop App

Many Facebook desktop applications have been discussed here. Previously a good Facebook Desktop app was posted but it lacked in some features. Now there is a cool Adobe AIR app available which just does more than that.

Facebook Uploader is basically a multi task oriented tool which allows you to do almost every thing from desktop. It has mainly Home, Profile, Friends, Chat, Upload Menu. The 'Home' menu shows you all feeds, 'Profile' is where you can change, view or edit your own profile settings, 'Friends' shows your friends list, 'Chat' is where you can engage in a conversation with your online friends, and lastly 'Upload' a powerful feature which allows you to add multiple photo's with click and drag. On the right is the Current Stream column and above that are the commonly available features like invitations, inbox, friend requests etc.

Here's how to upload photo's with ease
>Go to 'Upload' Menu
>Choose the Album or Create a New One
>Click Add Photos and Browse the Folder

>To add Bulk amount of photos simply press CTRL and select all the photos to upload (Or simply select all the photos from the folder and drag it on the Facebook Uploader window)
>To add a Caption, Choose any of the photo from left column and click text box next to "Caption"
>You can also Crop, Tag or Rotate Photo's for best view

>When done click Upload images

Requirements: Adobe AIR installer (15.1MB)

Download Facebook Uploader (1.32MB)

Adobe Desktop Client for Facebook

Adobe AIR app for Facebook allows you to install desktop client and use all the features from your desktop. Its like a enhanced Facebook Chat messenger where you can update status, Read news feeds, view comments, check updates for pages subscribed etc.

By using this application there will be no need to use the web based version and provides easy accessibility. Good feature is that there will be no need to click the updated posts in your facebook timeline again and again. However major drawback is that it does not supports Facebook Voice Chat which is still in its beta phase.

System Requirements: Adobe AIR Installer

Adobe Desktop Client for Facebook

Facebook Voice Chat

Vivox has released the beta Voice Chat App for Facebook. Using this app it is now easy to voice chat with friends colleagues in your Facebook social network. Just follow Vivox Voice > Go to Application and start the application. This would require you to install AddOn (approx 8.10MB for firefox). Create a Channel and invite friends to channel. When you invite friends to your channel a link will be send, which will connect them to your channel.

Import Orkut Friends on Facebook

Follow steps
1. Login
2. Click Friends > Export contacts (on lower right)

4. Download contacts.csv file
5. Login
6. Click Friends > Upload Contacts file
7. Browse contacts.csv and click find friends
8. Add friends from orkut on facebook.

How to remove Boxes tab on Facebook

In case you didn't know, Boxes basically are Tabs for Facebook Applications shortcuts like Photo's Info, Video etc. Problem occurs when using many applications and each of them having a tab. It becomes very annoying and unattractive.

If you want to remove these tabs follow instructions below
1. Go to your boxes tab on your Facebook Page (this doesn't work for your Facebook profile).

2. Next to each box, simply click on the pencil icon in the corner of your box and select “Remove Box”.

3. Repeat this process for every box.

When all the boxes are completely removed "Boxes" tab will disappear.

Chit Chat for Facebook

Chit Chat for Facebook is a free instant messenger that allows to chat with all Facebook contacts. It allows to hold multiple conversations without multiple windows. There will be no browser requirement to chat. It is pretty much same like MSN Messenger but with less features.

Basic Features of Chit Chat
1. Fun and Free
2. Easy to Use
3. Resume chat option
4. Tabbed messaging windows
5. Instant message notification
6. Status updates

Download Chit Chat for Facebook (1.06MB)

Mini (FacebookLite)

Now a days almost every person uses largest social services provider Facebook. Much of the Business and Marketing is done on Facebook. Largest number of pictures are being uploaded on Facebook for easy accessibility and tagging. Though accessing for users with high internet bandwidth is not a problem. Many users with limited bandwidth have complains for slow loading pages. Taking this matter under serious consideration Facebook programmers have introduced a low bandwidth version of its site. You can access this site at Facebook Lite. Improvements like 'Events' tab next to profile and 'View top stories' above feeds are certainly applause able. This small version has the capability of posting videos and sharing photos but no separate 'link sharing' option is available.

This version primarily focuses on user updates and messaging and is much equivalent to its rival Twitter. This site highly is recommendable for those who are not into much of technicalities being furnished by the parent and are low speed internet users.

Download Flickr/Facebook Albums easily

Previously i discussed how to download Private/Public PhotoBucket Albums using PhotoFucket Utility. You might be wondering what about Facebook and Flickr, As these are the largest socializing website with thousands and thousands of pictures being uploaded day by day. Once you have uploaded your favorite gathering pictures and want to share it with others so that they can download. But what if there are too much pictures in one album and want to download all of them. Scrolling to all the pictures one by one and 'saving image' is a tiresome job. If you are experiencing the same difficulty then put your hats off to FotoBounce.

FotoBounce is a desktop based application supporting Windows platform. It helps you to Download Albums easily from Flickr and Facebook, tag your family and friends, view photos from mobile, face recognition, organize etc. It is 15MB free utility. Let your Fotos Bounce!

Download FotoBounce

If you are a firefox user you can also download Facebook Album download FacePAD plugin v0.6.0. Just right click the Album and click download.

Facebook freak? Upload photos via Email

In order to maintain the "Facebook" hype among users, a new cool feature has been announced which adds more richness to be social. Apart from manual upload and sharing of pictures, now you can use your E-mail address to socialize pictures.

Previously this service for held for iphone users but now anybody can email their photos to their facebook accounts. To do so
1.Go to from your phones.
2.Request for personalized Email account.
3.Use it in 'To' Adress bar with subject line.
4.Click send button.

For more check out Facebook Mobile.

Facebook 3.0 for iPhone

It is 0.8MB in size an available for free from iTunes. Features include
1. News Feed
2. "Like" status
3. Events with rsvp
4. Notes
5. Pages
6. Advanced Photo management
7. Better Browsing experience
8. New home screen
9. Fixed comment notifications
10. Autosave message option to avoid calls skip
11. German, Italian, French language support.

Download Facebook 3.0