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Ubuntu as Windows XP

Chinese pirates have successfully converted Ubuntu Linux OS to Windows XP, in GUI respect atleast. Linux based Windows XP OS named as Ylmf OS looks very much like Windows XP with all linux attributes. Ylmf OS uses similar Windows XP icons and taskbar. It comes with freeware such as Firefox and

Wine integration allows to use Windows programs in Ylmf Linux OS. However some programs may not be able to run. Since the manufacturer are Chinese and language is also set to Chinese by default, which can be converted to English by running this command in terminal

sudo locale-gen en-US

To download the Ylmf OS navigate to download page. There are four download options. Download file is in ISO format and 683MB in size.

XPPhone: First Windows XP based phone

Chinese company named In Technology Company (ITG) has introduced first ever Windows XP phone. It works same as usual Windows XP windows with software installation option. In this era of  Apple iPhone, Motorola Droid, HTC Hero, Nokia N900, Google Nexus it will be a hard task for ITG to keep upto user expectations. However one major compelling  factor to buy Chinese phones is its new and advanced features at an affordable price.

CPU: AMD Super Mobile CPU
Memory: 512MB/1GB
SSD hard disk: 8/16/32/64 GB
HDD Hard disk 30/60/80/120 GB
Display: 4.8 inch 800x480 TFT touch screen
OS: Microsoft Windows XP
Wireless connectivity: WiFi 802.11b/g, WiMax (optional), Bluetooth, GPS
Camera: 1.3/5.0 MP
Battery type: Li-ion battery
Talk time: 5 hours
Standby : 120 hours
Weight: 400g  (battery included)


Future enhancements:
In near future it is said to be equipped with Windows 7 OS.

Mac OS X Theme for Windows XP

Mac OS X Leopard - X theme gives Windows XP a Mac look. Before installing Uxtheme Multi-Patcher is required. It will allow to use any 3rd party msstyle theme on Windows XP SP1/SP2 by patching the dynamic link library uxtheme.dll.

Mac OS X Leopard X includes:

1. Leopard-X visual style (4 variants)
2. Leopard X-styler
3. -X Mac search Leopard skins
4. Leopard-Skin & X DockWallpapers