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Merge Duplicate GMail Contacts

Google recently added a new feature for GMail service. This features makes easier to handle large contacts list with duplicate entries. Previously we had to merge duplicate contacts one by one which was a hectic task. Importing contacts from other Email services providers to GMail will help to merge repeated contacts and shrinking contacts list for quick sync of Android, iPhone, Blackberry devices!

How To:
-Sign into GMail and go to Contacts at bottom of left sidebar
-Click Find Duplicate

-Check which contact are meant to be merged and Click Merge 

How to make .doc files images

Microsoft does not allow to save any word document file as an image. And if Prt Sc option is used, not all of the document file gets printed. There is a option to convert any length document file to image using Microsoft XPS document writer and XPS converter. Follow below

-Open .doc file and go to File > Print (or hit Ctrl+P)
-Chose 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer' from Name drop down list and give path to save .xps file

-Download freeware XPSImage, install and run it
-Add saved *.xps file in XPS to Image converter

-Set output file location, image format and image quality
-Hit 'Click here to convert to image files'

Run Twitter inside Thunderbird 3.0 [Hack]

Many of you might be using Thunderbird 3.0 alot after after its debut release, There are bunch of new features to play with. Theres a little hack which we want to share with you guys. Since there is no option to access Twitter inside Thunderbird, but some extra amount of code will work.

Go to Tools > Error Console and Past following code and hit Evaluate.

document.getElementById("tabmail").openTab("contentTab", {contentPage: ""});

Google Wave inside Thunderbird 3.0 [Hack]

Not much time gone when officially Thunderbird was launched. Thunderbird 3.0 content tabs features enables to view google waves right in Mozilla Email Client. This is a little code hack. Run Thunderbird 3.0 and go to "Tools" > "Error Console". In "Code" paste following code and hit "Evaluate"

Components.classes[';1'].getService(Components.interfaces.nsIWindowMediator).getMostRecentWindow("mail:3pane").document.getElementById("tabmail").openTab("contentTab", {contentPage: ""});

This will open a Google Wave in New Thunderbird tab.

LastPass Password Manager 1.62.0

Ever tried one Master password for all passwords? Now you will. LastPass makes life easier by remembering all the passwords. It supports IE and Firefox Plugins. Opera, Safari, Chrome and Opera Mini with Bookmarklets. Definitely it saves a lot of time and if you save all of your passwords in some file then you won't have a need to access it always and search for particular one. Some other benefits include

1. Auto-fill of forms
2. Single click site login
3. Support for import, export and capture passwords
4. Data encryption locally before uploading
5. Password recovery in Windows
6. Mobile access at
7. Sync among different browsers
8. Access from USB keys
9. Phishing Protection
10. Support for iPhone, Blackberry Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian S60

Download LastPass

Windows Live Offline Installer

If you are willing to install Windows Live latest components there are two options available. One is from 'Web' and the other one is via 'All in one installer' file. Both installation procedure includes Live Messenger, Mail, Writer, Family Save, Silverlight, Toolbar, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery.Installing from web is easier and popular way. However the importance of web installation is that you can customize components according to your needs. But if you are planning to install all the components in one go Officially then follow this trick:

Go to and click 'Download' button. You will be prompted to download a web installer. Cancel it and click 'Try Again'. Download all in one offline installer file for Live Components.

Web Installer-1MB
All in One Installer-134MB

Install all softwares using one Installer

You might be really tired with Windows crash due to malwares, spywares or even viruses and the final decision will be to re-install the Windows. And after waiting for the installation to complete the real headache comes for the software installation. These software's which some of you might have as a backup and some don't are very tiresome to install. However if you have a Ninite installer you wont have a need to run the software's by clicking the '.exe' files again and again.

Ninite is a single installer file embedded with multiple software's of your choice. It installs all the related softwares with just one click and default settings. There is no registration required and is very simple to make a installer .exe file. Simply go to Ninite page select the software's which you want to install on your system and download the Ninite Installer file. Run the installer and it will install all of your selected software and you don't even have to click 'next-next'. You can also keep Ninite installer file as a backup on USB/CD/DVD/HD for future installation.

The biggest achievement is its support for Windows 7, skips toolbar and adware related installation.

It supports updated software like

1. AntiVirus: Microsoft Essentials, Avast, AVG
2. Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
3. Messaging: Windows Live Messenger, Digsby, GTalk, Pidgin, Thunderbird, Skype
4. Media: VLC, iTunes etc
5. Imaging Picasa, GIMP etc
6. Documents: Office, Adobe reader etc
7. Runtimes: Java, .Net, Flash
8. Compression WinRAR, 7-zip
9. Utilities: RealVNC, CCleaner, CDBurnerXP

Goto Ninite Page

How to remove Boxes tab on Facebook

In case you didn't know, Boxes basically are Tabs for Facebook Applications shortcuts like Photo's Info, Video etc. Problem occurs when using many applications and each of them having a tab. It becomes very annoying and unattractive.

If you want to remove these tabs follow instructions below
1. Go to your boxes tab on your Facebook Page (this doesn't work for your Facebook profile).

2. Next to each box, simply click on the pencil icon in the corner of your box and select “Remove Box”.

3. Repeat this process for every box.

When all the boxes are completely removed "Boxes" tab will disappear.

Watch Videos & Copy Without Downloaders

You got a link of fantastic video from some one or by searching and want to download it. But before downloading it you will definitely like to have a view of it to know exactly whether it is in good quality or not. When you are satisfied you go for many tools available to download videos particularly Youtube downloader ones. If you are interested in wasting time then you will certainly opt for these programs.

If some common sense is used you might come to know that the file you just recently watched must have been saved on computer somewhere, which is easily playable again and again without any buffering. Yes, if you can locate this file on computer exactly you will not go for download video.

For Firefox Users:
Go to C: > Documents and Settings > username > Local Settings > Application Data > Mozilla > Firefox > Profiles > xxxxxxx.default > Cache ('username' is your computer login name, 'xxxxxxx.default' is the firefox profile name [look out for .default extension folder])

For Google Chrome Users:
Go to C: > Documents and Settings > username > Local Settings > Application Data > Google > Chrome > User Data > Default > Cache ('username' is your computer login name)

Here you will find lots of files. Now there are 2 easiest ways to check your video file. First change view settings to Details (View > Details)

1. By Size (if you have IDM you can easily check that, right click > Arrange icons by > Size).

2. By Date Modified (right click > Arrange icons by > Modified).

When you got the file either by size or date/time or both, Copy it to any location of your choice, rename it with .flv extension and enjoy in any media player.

Requirements: Firefox/Google Chrome Browser.