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Exclusive WLM Wave 4 Screenshots

Livesino posts new and exclusive screenshots for WLM W4. Previously some screenshots also circulated on web.

All social network at one place - Yoono

Yoono is a powerful socializing  network tool for social geeks. It may be really hectic for many people out there to sign into multiple social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, FriendFeed, AIM, Imeem, AIM, GTalk, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger on daily basis. Yoono does this all. When installed it places a sidebar into browser which can be customized to suitable size.

Its interface is pretty much like Digsby IM in the sense that it places all the social networks updates in one column.Whenever browser is started it auto signs in all social networks and produces real time updates.

One thing worth mentioning is its search mechanism. Prominent words which are widely used on internet when occur in any social network, are underlined for Wiki, Photos, Videos etc discovery.

Interface is very neatly placed, allowing options for collective or individual feed for any social network or IM. Also if you see any picture, link, video on internet worth sharing, it can be quickly shared on Facebook, Myspace, Flickr etc by right clicking it and choosing 'Share'.

Mac OS X theme for Yahoo! Messenger

Mac OS X theme v1.0.0 release 1 transforms Yahoo! messenger look to that of Mac OS X. IT is compatible with Yahoo! Messenger 9..x and 10.x.

MD5: CA6AD5D43464A9D02EE839471C8AA204
SHA1: AFB4066358C0262217FE523627D2CCDAB19D6C8D

Download Mac OS X Theme for Yahoo! Messenger (821KB)