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New 10m HTC Nexus One Video

Another Google Nexus One Video emerges. This time a more comprehensive 10minute one.

HTC SenseUI ported to Droid

This seems to be a preliminary ROM with some UI bug fixes and does not supports Wi-Fi yet. More

How to install Swype on Android

Swype is an app used for quick and easy input of keywords. Whats make it so wannabe? It allows you to type fast with a speed of 40 words per minute without

Superboot HTC Nexus One on Android 2.1

Guys this is real. Unbelievable? just bite your fingers. :D

Modaco Android forum experienced a strange thread, explaining how to root Google Nexus One prior to its

Leo ported to Touch Pro 2 [Video]

Android 2.1 update for HTC Hero

Cellular south will be delivering the Android 2.1 update to HTC Hero. It is scheduled to be launched in the first half of 2010. Its not a huge surprise as the clone Sprint is also getting the update in the same time frame.

HTC Sense 'Documents Tab'

Recently released Landscape HTC Sense from HD2 ROM includes one important feature 'Documents Tab'. Pocketnow covered an exclusive video describing New Tab features. It is robust with E-mail sync option. E-mail can view by sent or received feature. Video covers pdf, excel, and word document as a demo. If you tap on any one it opens in respective program. It also includes a search documents with type, access, modified, file size etc.

What makes 'Documents Tab' an exclusive feature is its one place documents availability which can be worth testing while on the go. Have a look below.

Touch IT- Black Custom ROM for HTC HD2

This custom ROM v1.1 has new Manila which supports landscape mode. Some of the features in Touch IT-Black HD2 ROM are:

-Includes new Sense 2.5.19222911.0
-Build 21887
-Updated Drivers
-New custom graphics/icons/folders

Requirement: SSPL for HD2

Download Touch IT-Black HTC HD2 ROM

HTC Sense 2.5 Landscape ROM

This is an official HTC Sense UI ROM in landscape. This particular ROM is for Rhodium based on HD2 LEO test 2.xx ROM. It comprises of Rhodium 1.9 with Manila 2.5.1922. After installation of this ROM you it is experienced an OS 5.2.21887, updated drivers, added voice commander, incall recorder.

Download HTC 2.5 Landscape ROM

Missed Call issue can be resolved by downloading this cab file

Espresso for HTC Hero GSM with Android 2.1

HTC Espresso is the sequel update to Sense UI. It works with GSM based HTC Hero. The system Dump is Android 2.1 HTCPedia posted some exclusive pictures with a video. As the AndroidSpin user reported that this dump is not an ROM.

Download HTC Espresso

Android 2.1 Sense UI on HTC HD2 [Video]

HTC G3 [HTC Hero Clone]

We have seen many clones for iPhone and other popular gadgets, but its seems HTC is also in the hit list. HTC G3 Asian is the perfect clone till yet to come up. The only difference is that it runs WinMo 6.5 instead of Android.

WinMo is based on Hisilicon K3 Platform and probably the first to get a TrackBall. HTC G3 will come up with 528MHz processor, 3.2 in 320x480 display, 288MB RAM, 512MB ROM, 5MP Camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3.5mm headphone jack, FM Radio. Price will be $217 USD.

HTC Rome to run BrewMP

HTC new Touch Phone Rome a.k.a Touch.B is to be equipped with Brew Mobile Platform (BrewMP). Previously it was rumored to be Android OS based but not so. BrewMP is the Open source mobile platform from Qualcomm. .

ROM is still in Alpha stages. As reported by mobifrance, HTC Touch.B is said to have Non Player Character (NPC) 2M, support for 3G and Bluetooth but sadly no Wi-Fi or Video recording. Watch Video

Leaked HTC HD2 Official ROM Update

Tom at HTC forum posted HTC HD2 update ( series). Software Version 1.48.707.2 with WM6.5 ROM. This seems to be Official and it will soon be updated on Official website. You can access the Update from here.