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GMail in Google Wave

If you are die hard Google waver then integrating different Google services into wave might be one of your priorities. There is a simple gadget named 'GMail' to access Google Mails while waving.

How to Access GMail in Google Wave?

-Login to Google wave account and add a new wave
-In new wave click a small jigsaw icon named "Add Gadget by URL"
-Enter URL ""

It will give a minimized version of GMail with Inbox, Compose, Customize, Contacts, Delete options.

Google Wave inside Thunderbird 3.0 [Hack]

Not much time gone when officially Thunderbird was launched. Thunderbird 3.0 content tabs features enables to view google waves right in Mozilla Email Client. This is a little code hack. Run Thunderbird 3.0 and go to "Tools" > "Error Console". In "Code" paste following code and hit "Evaluate"

Components.classes[';1'].getService(Components.interfaces.nsIWindowMediator).getMostRecentWindow("mail:3pane").document.getElementById("tabmail").openTab("contentTab", {contentPage: ""});

This will open a Google Wave in New Thunderbird tab.

Google Wave Manual

A Guide to Google Wave is available online for new comers and users trying to expertise the technique of waving. It covers a comprehensive list of Google Wave features, Getting started, How To, Managing contacts, Organizing waves, Wave Gadgets/Extensions etc. Book content contains 8 Chapters namely

1. Meet Google Wave
2. Get started with Wave
3. Manage your wave contacts
4. Find and Organize Waves
5. Dive Deeper into wave
6. Master Wave's interface
7. Wave Gadgets
8. Wave Bots

However this isn't the Official release from Google Inc., but perhaps we may see an Official update from Google on Google Wave Guide from Developers perspective.

Google Wave Guide