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How to install Swype on Android

Swype is an app used for quick and easy input of keywords. Whats make it so wannabe? It allows you to type fast with a speed of 40 words per minute without

Superboot HTC Nexus One on Android 2.1

Guys this is real. Unbelievable? just bite your fingers. :D

Modaco Android forum experienced a strange thread, explaining how to root Google Nexus One prior to its

Leaked Google Chrome OS Netbook Specs & Price

Google Chrome OS is a cloud based open source operating system. As official Google announcement depicts it is initially targeted for Netbooks which will be available from second half of 2010. Since Google Chrome OS does not supports all hardware specifications, which can be one of the reasons for Google to launch pre installed versions of their OS on Netbooks.

Specs for Google Chrome OS based Netbooks:
- 10.1 inch TFT HD with multi touch display (1280x 720)
- NVIDIA Tegra
- 64GB SSD
- WiFi
- 3G
- Bluetooth
- Ethernet port
- USB port
- Webcam
- 3.5mm audio jack
- Multi card reader
- Pre installed Google apps
- 4 or 6 cell battery

Price: Google Chrome OS Netbook is said to have a price tag of $300 and in some countries like US, it will be sold with 3G package plan.

Palm Pre webOS 1.3.5

Sprint USA is all set to deliver its most awaited update from for Palm Pre. All exclusive USA customers will be able to upgrade to webOS 1.3.5 build 194. According to Sprint new update will be equipped with

-Battery life optimization improvement in marginal areas
-QCELP capability fix for audio and video sent via MMS
-Minimized package of MR size
-More storage space
-Stronger support for WiFi and app performance

Update will be conducted via automated notification.

XPPhone: First Windows XP based phone

Chinese company named In Technology Company (ITG) has introduced first ever Windows XP phone. It works same as usual Windows XP windows with software installation option. In this era of  Apple iPhone, Motorola Droid, HTC Hero, Nokia N900, Google Nexus it will be a hard task for ITG to keep upto user expectations. However one major compelling  factor to buy Chinese phones is its new and advanced features at an affordable price.

CPU: AMD Super Mobile CPU
Memory: 512MB/1GB
SSD hard disk: 8/16/32/64 GB
HDD Hard disk 30/60/80/120 GB
Display: 4.8 inch 800x480 TFT touch screen
OS: Microsoft Windows XP
Wireless connectivity: WiFi 802.11b/g, WiMax (optional), Bluetooth, GPS
Camera: 1.3/5.0 MP
Battery type: Li-ion battery
Talk time: 5 hours
Standby : 120 hours
Weight: 400g  (battery included)


Future enhancements:
In near future it is said to be equipped with Windows 7 OS.

Google Phone named "Nexus One"

Many of the speculations going on in the wild with some still unconfirmed yet. But BGR has posted a solid prove which which shows Google Phone a.k.a Nexus One stake. Nexus One will be sold directly by Google Online unlocked by Google. Below is the screenshots of a server log:

Cory O'Brien posted an updated pic as how actually Nexus One looks like

Google Phone [Additional info and Pics]

Recently TechCrunch confirmed Google Phone and some additional specs known till yet. We covered little known specs previously and here are some more.

It will be running Snapdragon Chip and its fast, a user told. Its equipped with super-high resolution OLED touchscreen, thinner than iPhone, no QWERTY keyboard, with two mics and voice to text feature embedded. One thing more is that it will be build in collaboration with HTC and getting all help from Google. Google Phone will be available in January 2010, is GSM based, unlocked and running Android 2.1.

This shows a strong response to Apple, since we know that there were some critical arguments going on regarding Google Voice app inclusion into Apple Store. Also AT&T and T-Mobile contract with Apple is about to finish and Google will try hard to bet for it. There is a strong possibility that we may see a 'Google Phone Store' just like iTunes and certainty is there that in near future it may contain Google web apps as well.

Below are some screenshots (Click for broader view), credits to TheUnlockr.

Still there is no Official word from Google itself regarding specs rather than dogfooding.

The Google Phone coming

Now its obvious why Google was so interested in Mobile Industry. First they Launched Android Mobile OS and now the Google Phone is in pipeline. Google Employees have an exclusive access to HTC built unlocked Google Phone based on Android 2.1. The phone is rumored to come out in January.

Google Phone is smaller than HTC with smooth edges, capacitive Touchscreen and scrolly ball like on Hero. Google Brand Manager Leslie Hawthron reports

"Stuck in mass of traffic leaving work post last all hands of 2009. OMG we had fireworks and we all got the new Google phone. It’s beautiful."

Home screen has new visual enhancements reports Jason Howell who had an hands on

"The new Google Phone runs on HTC hardware. I saw it w/ Android 2.1. Homescreen has new visual enhancements like animated desktop wallpaper."

More information is still awaited from Google Officially.

New Nokia 5235

Nokia has come up with a new Nokia 5235 handset. The main motivation behind this particular product launch is lies in media concentration. The touchscreen based music edition breaks all borders in compliance with music content. Nokia Music store provides unlimited legal music download for 12-18 months and also can be downloaded via Nokia Ovi Player from PC. It support 33hrs of media playback with 16GB microSD card.  Some of the Highlighted specs are detailed below

-ARM 11, 434MHz processor
-128MB RAM, 256MB ROM
-640x480 VGA Display
-3.2 inch touchscreen
-2MP camera
-18days standby time
-3.5mm audio output
-Ovi support
-Symbian 9.4
-Builtin 320MB memory

 Nokia 5235 is expected to roll out in 1st quarter of 2010 with a price tag of $214 USD.

First 3G Blackberry 9100

First Blackberry with 3G capabilities is on its way. Also named as Stratus, Pearl 2 and Striker runs Blackberry OS It is said to be released in April 2010. Follow some screen shots below



1. 3.2 MP camera
3. microUSB
4. Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
5. Bluetooth
6. MP3
7. WAP 2.0, HTML
8. Email

Blackberry Media Sync 3.0

Blackberry Media sync 3.0 manages pictures and music files from Blackberry device to computer. Synchronization covers importing and exporting of files between PC and Device. It supports Blackberry Smartphones which are media capable.You can sync following items

1. Playlists from iTunes library or WMP on computer to device
2. Podcasts and other audio files from music application on computer to device
3. Pictures between device and computer

Nokia unveils 6700 & 7230 Sliders

Nokia unveiled two new 3G sliders, Nokia 6700 & Nokia 7230. These Symbian powered sets are expected to launch in Q1 2010. Initial price tag for Nokia 6700 is $239 USD and of Nokia 7230 is $149 USD.

Nokia 6700 Slide

Nokia 7230

 Watch promotional video below.

Check out specs and more photos at Official Nokia site

Nokia 6700 Slide specs
Nokia 7230 specs

HTC Droid Eris Leaked Images

HTC Droid Eris is expected to be released on 6th November and the astonishing thing about it is its cost, only $99. Expected/unofficial specifications would be like

1. Android 1.6 (along with HTC's Sense UI)
2. 3.2-inch touchscreen display
3. 528MHz Qualcomm CPU
4. 5 mega-pixel camera
5. Wi-Fi connectivity
6. CDMA phone for Verizon Wireless

Detailed Unofficial specs

Follow some early snapshots

Blackberry Desktop Software for Mac OS

Mac and Blackberry lovers out there, stand up and start jumping! Blackberry Desktop Software for Mac OS is now available. After many years this product is debuted. It will help quick and effortless synchronization of Blackberry Smartphone with Mac. Smart features include

1. Blackberry & iTunes Media library sync
2. Contacts and Appointments sync
3. Auto recharge
4. Easy to backup, add/remove, restore apps

System Requirements: Mac OS X v10.5.5 or above, 32-bit support for Mac OS v10.6, Blackberry Device software v4.2 or above, iTunes 7.7.1 or later.

Download Blackberry Desktop Software for Mac (26.7MB)

Sony Ericsson going Android

Sony Ericsson planning to roll out Google Android based handset. This phone named Xperia X3 will be equipped with

1. 1GHz processor Snapdragon processor
2. 8MP camera
3. Qual-band (850/900/1800/1900) GSM Phone with dual band (900/2100) 3G
4. 10Mbps HSPDA
5. 2Mbps HSUPA
6. Bluetooth 2.1
7. WiFi G

Its custom made UI named 'Rachael' is built on Google Android. It is expected on 3rd November. Have a sneak peak below

HTC with Android 2.0?

Rumors about HTC getting Android 2.0 was true as confirmed by @htc. A user has reported to have installed Android 2.0 Eclair on HTC Dream. After viewing the video it doesn't give the beauty it deserves and doesn't even come up with users expectations. For testing purpose you can download the code here. If you are new to HTC then it is recommendable to wait for a much mature launch.

LG GW620 Etna Android Cellphone

LG is all set to announce a new Android based Smartphone named GW620. Since the Official press release on 14 September, not much news were coming from LG press center. However Motorola Droid, Cliq and HTC Hero has got much of the attention. According to initial speculations Codenamed Etna will be introduced with real time social networking, 5 Line Qwerty keyboard, 3-inch full touchscreen, 5MP Camera and 3.5mm head phone jack for media. New mini launch site was taken down as the rumors surpassed. Nonetheless Android version for LG GW620 is still not announced yet.

Click to Enlarge

Watch out Video below

Motorola Droid features, pics, video

Official Google Operating System for Computers is no where near till 2010 but its Mobile Operating System Android 2.0 is in full swing. Recently Announced Android 2.0 has a promising start with lot to offer. Motorola Droid and HTC Hero are the first ones to get this treat. Motorola DROID Smartphone is expected on November 6 developed in partnership with Google and Verizon Wireless. Smartest features are its Social Media integration like Facebook, YoutTube, Voice based search and Multitasking. Check out Motorola Droid pics (Click on pics for broader view)

Watch How Motorola Droid is different from others

Whole list of Motorola Droid features can be found on Official Page.
Download Motorola Droid User Manual and Launch Package (PDF's).

Microsoft Pink introduces Turtle & Pure

Microsoft working on secret project named Pink has unleashed some new gadgets named Turtle and Pure. Although they look like a child toy but its stylish and round design would attract many MS enthusiasts. These gadgets will certainly be equipped with MS Zune features. First one is Turtle and Second one is Pure. These phones are slider-style designed. One physical feature note able on turtle is a smiley button on turtle next to space bar. Pretty neat indeed.