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All social network at one place - Yoono

Yoono is a powerful socializing  network tool for social geeks. It may be really hectic for many people out there to sign into multiple social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, FriendFeed, AIM, Imeem, AIM, GTalk, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger on daily basis. Yoono does this all. When installed it places a sidebar into browser which can be customized to suitable size.

Its interface is pretty much like Digsby IM in the sense that it places all the social networks updates in one column.Whenever browser is started it auto signs in all social networks and produces real time updates.

One thing worth mentioning is its search mechanism. Prominent words which are widely used on internet when occur in any social network, are underlined for Wiki, Photos, Videos etc discovery.

Interface is very neatly placed, allowing options for collective or individual feed for any social network or IM. Also if you see any picture, link, video on internet worth sharing, it can be quickly shared on Facebook, Myspace, Flickr etc by right clicking it and choosing 'Share'.

Firefox 4 Mockups

Some new design mockups came up on Firefox dev personal blog.

1- App button (Appearance and placement)

2- Refining Tool button Appearance
3- Location Bar
4- Retain separate search bar
5- Bookmark bar

6- Tabs under navigation bar

7- Tabs under navigation bar with Bookmark bar

8- App Button variations

9- Firefox 4 and 3.5 Comparison

Firefox 3.6 Beta 5

Aren't we tired of Firefox 3.6 revisions? Its the 5th one which we are coming across. Yes, Firefox 3.6 Beta revision 5 released today. Not to forget that the browser which we trust should be pure in all respects, isn't it?. Thats what Firefox team is scratching their heads so hard. So just bear with this release and hopefully it would be the last one prior to Final encounter. Lets see whats new for us

-supports HTML 5 API
-Scripts runnable asynchronously
-Out of date plugin alerts
-Poster frames and native full screen display support
-CSS, DOM web techs support

Though above 70% AddOns have support for new version, however AddOn Compatibility Reporter is here to help the non-compatible ones.

Firefox 3.5.6 Released

Firefox has updated their ftp servers with the new awaited 3.5.x series version browser. Firefox 3.5.6 comes with many bug fixes to avoid vulnerable attacks and frequent browser crashes. It is highly recommended to update to new version to avoid such mishaps in near future. 62 bug fixes have reported fixed including 11 critical and 6 major ones. Complete list of bug fixes can be accessed here.

Download Firefox 3.5.6 (Windows | Mac | Linux)

LastPass Password Manager 1.62.0

Ever tried one Master password for all passwords? Now you will. LastPass makes life easier by remembering all the passwords. It supports IE and Firefox Plugins. Opera, Safari, Chrome and Opera Mini with Bookmarklets. Definitely it saves a lot of time and if you save all of your passwords in some file then you won't have a need to access it always and search for particular one. Some other benefits include

1. Auto-fill of forms
2. Single click site login
3. Support for import, export and capture passwords
4. Data encryption locally before uploading
5. Password recovery in Windows
6. Mobile access at
7. Sync among different browsers
8. Access from USB keys
9. Phishing Protection
10. Support for iPhone, Blackberry Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian S60

Download LastPass

Download YouTube HD Videos [HowTo]

For any Video, sound and video quality are two main factors users look into. YouTube being the most popular search engine for Video sharing allowed access for HD videos for quite a long time. These HD videos prove worth when doing research work or for educational purposes when even minute details become of much importance for better understanding.

To access HD videos you need to install GreaseMonkey on Firefox. Restart Firefox and install YouTube HD Suite UserSript. This script supports iPod/MP4/FLV/HD 720p and HD 1080p files.

ImTranslator translates 1640 languages

ImTranslator network which provides online language translation services has come up with a Firefox AddOn. Although there are many language translation options available like Adobe Air apps, Babel fish by Yahoo! and off-course Google translation. But the most peculiar thing about this addon is its support for 1640 languages. You must be wondering whether this amount of languages even exist or not. Well it does exits but includes many native languages with different combination which we may not have been familiar with.

ImTranslator v3.2.9 has features like TTS (Text to Speech), Spell checker, Multilingual Dictionary, Virtual keyboard. It can be enabled from Tools>imTranslator. This tool has Autodetect, Edit text, Email, Print, Virtual Keyboard options. Supports Firefox 1.0-3.6.*

Opera Skin for Firefox

There are couple of rollouts by Opera, particularly in this month. One was the Opera 10.10 release and Opera 10.20 Alpha release. If you are a Firefox guy and want to explore Opera from its perspective then you should install its Skin AddOn. However Opera features are hard to come by, but its look will fascinate you. Check out the actual snapshot.

It requires Firefox 3.6b1pre - 3.7a1pre. For Older version of Firefox click here.

Download Firefox 3.6b4

Firefox has rolled out its beta version prior to its Final version. This update include around 140 bug fixes with 21 critical. Still many of the Addons are incompatible. It will include
  • Running scripts Asynchronously
  • 60 language support
  • Personas support for appearance
  • Alert for out to date plugins
  • WOFF Font support
  • CSS, DOM, HTML5 support

Record Live Webcasts [HowTo]

There is nothing better than a Firefox AddOn to record the Live Webcasts. Many conferences or performances which are live webcast through web to your desktop can be of very importance for future reference, entertainment or just for informational purposes. Recently Microsoft, Apple, Nokia, Motorola events were live broadcast on internet. Some Official sites don't allow to download webcasts and are even hard to find on internet. Many users and enthusiasts like to save  important keynotes. Some people preserve them by writing the key notes, installing some software and running the recorder. However if you are using Firefox as your primary browser or can do so for an important event, do install MultiMediaWebRecorder (MMWR) Firefox AddOn.

MMWR allows to record any multimedia content from web. It automatically detects the current stream  being played and installs it on your desktop, But you need to give the path to save the recorded file. To record any file click the CD Drive icon on lower right. It will open a new column on left showing the currently running file with an animated cassette icon. Right click and hit 'save when recorded'.

Firefox 3.6 Beta 3

It was not far when Firefox announced Beta 2 version and now has quickly come up with Beta 3 version. This new version has over 80 bug fixes and mainly focuses improvements for Developers.

1. Change for third-party software Firefox integration to enhance stability.
2. Run scripts asynchronously for speedy page loading.
3. Incompatible software prevention from crashing Firefox.
4. One click appearance support for personas.
5. Update on Out of date plugins.
6. WOFF font format support.
7. Improved JS performance and startup time.
8. Support for CSS, DOM and HTML5 standards.

Those who are already using Firefox 3.6 need not to upgrade as it is done automatically.

Download Firefox 3.6 Beta 3 (Windows | Mac OS X | Linux)

Download Firefox Beta 2

A new and latest version for Firefox 3.6 beta series is available for download. This Version beta 2 is fixes 190 errors which beta 1 reported to have. Many improvements for Web and Add-On Developers and users is promised. The beta version of Firefox 3.6, web rendering engine named Gecko includes features such as

   1. Mechanism to avoid frequent crashing.
   2. Change browser appearance with one click.
   3. Builtin personas support
   4. Out of date plugins update
   5. Open, native video can be displayed for full screen, and supports poster frames
   6. WOFF font support
   7. Improved JS, browser responsiveness, startup time.
   8. CSS, DOM, HTML5 support

Download Firefox 3.6 Beta 2

Firefox Maemo 5 Beta released

 Latest up to date mobile version of Firefox Maemo Beta 5 is released . This release is available for Maemo OS2008 and Maemo 5 software platforms running of Nokia N810 and Nokia N900. This release includes noticeable improvements like

   1. Firefox official branding with name and logo
   2. Multiple location support
   3. Flash support
   4. Support for viewport meta tag
   5. Auto Form assistant
   6. Improve panning and zooming
   7. Bug fixes

You can find more information on release notes and do check in new mobile page.

Install/Remove Firefox on Ubuntu

Ubuntu Linux OS is free and comes with many free applications. Mozilla Firefox is among many. Since Mozilla Firefox team comes up with their latest browser version every six weeks, so it is must to update to latest version. However there is no auto update option available to install newer version for Ubuntu and requires manual update.
There is an easy way to update using command prompt. First download the new version and save it in the directory Place>Home Folder. Then go to Applications>Accessories>Terminal and paste the following command

if [[ ! -f /usr/bin/firefox ]]; then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox; fi && if [[ -e ~/.mozilla ]]; then cp -R ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla.backup; fi && sudo tar -jxvf firefox-3*.tar.bz2 -C /opt && rm firefox-3*.tar.bz2 && sudo mv /opt/firefox/plugins /opt/firefox/plugins.backup && sudo ln -s /usr/lib/xulrunner-addons/plugins /opt/firefox/plugins && sudo dpkg-divert --divert /usr/bin/firefox.ubuntu --rename /usr/bin/firefox && sudo ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

Give password if required and restart Firefox.

If you want to Uninstall any version of Firefox then follow command as below

sudo rm /usr/bin/firefox && sudo dpkg-divert --rename --remove /usr/bin/firefox && sudo rm -r /opt/firefox

Aero Fox III 3.5 Firefox Theme

The word AERO is basically acronym for Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, Open. Initialy it was introduced for Windows Vista GUI. Currently Aero theme is available in Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista. Segoe UI is new font used for this theme. In Windows 7 this theme came up with new visual effects and touch-friendly UI.

Impressed with Windows Aero work, Virtual Designs have come up yet with another Firefox Add-On version of their popular theme. This theme is supportable for Windows, Mac and Linux Operating systems. Its Black and Blue contrast blend with a little Apple touch is gorgeous.

Install Aero Fox III 3.5

Is this the New Firefox 3.5.5?

Mozilla Firefox team is yet to announce the official Firefox 3.5.5 but there are some leaked versions available. Just to remind you Firefox 3.5.6 is still due on 15th December.

However this version is NOT official and not yet announced by Firefox Team. Bugzilla shows only four fixes are expected in this latest version 3.5.5 and there are no official notes available yet. Some of the anxious Firefox fans can give it a try.

Download Firefox 3.5.5


Facebook Dislike Add-On

If someone posts a link on Facebook whether its picture, video or article you can comment it, like it and share it. But what if the link is disgusting and you don't like it? There should be also be a thumb down link, isn't it. Firefox Add-On does it.

Facebook Dislike is a Firefox Add-On which places a 'Dislike' link to thumb down any article/pic or video next to 'Like' link to show your opinion to the submission.

Requirements: Firefox 2.0-3.6*

Get Facebook Dislike Add-On

Firefox Batch Image Downloader

Quick Image Downloader is a Firefox AddOn use specifically for downloading multiple images from a single web page in one go. These images are saved into a directory you choose. It also downloads hidden files from a web page which are not directly accessible. It can download JPEG, PNG, GIF format images. Just click on a little download arrow button on the status bar and select the directory to store photos.

Requirements: Firefox 1.5-3.7a1pre

Install Quick Image Downloader

Pin Tab [Firefox AddOn]

Pin Tab is a Firefox AddOn which reduces the size of Tab opened to that of Favicon. This Favicon Pin Tab is placed at the left most of Tabs. If lot of tabs are opened at once and scrolling makes it difficult to navigate then this AddOn can come in handy. It reduces the amount of space that a Tab usually takes thus providing more space for Tabs to accommodate in a single view.

Typing url in the pinned tab will open that url in a new tab. Dragging the opened tab to left will automatically pin it to its favicon sized tab. To make Pin Tab work right click any tab and select 'Pin Tab' or press ctrl+left click on any opened Tab. By default Pin Tab will merge pinned tabs automatically when closing a window. And last but not the least it saves a lot of time.

Add Pin Tab Firefox AddOn

Host Images easily via FTP/FF AddOn

Rehost Image is a Firefox AddOn that adds right-click options for images. It upload images to alternate hosting and copies the url in clipboard or to your FTP.

1. Upload via FTP to your own workspace
2. Anonymous ImageShack Upload
3. Before uploading automatically resize images
4. Checks image type and fixes extension if needed
5. Batch upload support
6. Optional Log file of uploaded items

Install ReHost Image Firefox AddOn