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Pokemon Theme for Google Chrome

Pokemon Theme is one of thousands of theme available for dev builds of Google Chrome. Not much for hard cores, kinda fun for kiddos. Pic depicts for itself.

There's also a pokemon theme song, have a listen if it soothes your ears.

Google Chrome Video

After the Official launch of Google Chrome Beta for Mac, Google released a new Video highlighting its key components. A very clear and concise documentary stating features such as Speed, Security, Stability, Themes, Omnibox, Incognito and New Tab is shown below.

Google Chrome Extensions now Live

With the launch of Google Chrome beta for Mac OS X, Chrome Extensions are also now Live. Chrome Extensions are like Firefox AddOns. Its adds to the functionality of browser. It helps customize Google Chrome with features. Only Google Chrome Beta versions are supported to use extensions. Some of the popular extensions are Google Mail Checker, RSS Subscription Extension, Bubble Translate etc.

Download Chrome Beta for Mac

Finally Chrome beta for Mac OS X is available for download. Some of the features include

-Bookmark manager
-App Mode
-Task Manager
-Sync for Mac
-Multi-touch Gestures
-Full extension support
-Full Screen Mode

Chromium OS 64-bit

ChromiumOS64  is an unofficial prototype of Google Chrome OS designed by Teo En Ming. This new Chrome OS is dedicated for 64-bit CPU's. Since official Google Chrome OS doesnot support 64-bit PC's but when officially released in 2010, ChromeOS64 will be under Google Chrome OS jurisdiction. It allows users to run as virtual OS on Linux and Windows. The latest release supports XEN Virtualization. It is a Pre-Alpha release and size upto 1GB.

Open IE Only sites in Google Chrome

There are many sites which have partnered with Microsoft to use Internet Explorer as prime browser for surfing on there sites. We know that many users prefer Firefox or Google Chrome over IE. The reason for this is its robustness, and ease. IE 6 and IE 7 doesnot support JavaScript, which is a main feature for many users to look out. If you are a Google Chrome or Google Chromium user and want to open IE Only sites, you should get help from its IE Extension. IE Tab Extension integrates with Google Chromium as an .crx extension and opens all 'IE Only' without even opening IE. It works with all latest Google Chromium dev Builds.