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Seesmic for Blackberry updates, supports OS 4.5 & KB shortcuts

Seesmic for Blackberry devices has been updated with some new and enhanced features. Take a look

1. New Seesmic for Blackberry is now available for free on App world. It can be accessed by directing the device to
2. Seesmic also supports older version of BB OS 4.5 with all features.

4. Auto-correction and Spell Check
5. Notifications improvements
5. Favorite Tweets
6. Font Size selection
7. Added Send in Menu
8. Choosing different type selections (Advanced Users)
    * Checkbox to - Use WiFi if Available (Seesmic will search for Wifi first with )
    * WAP - Wireless Application Protocol (Activated by the Operator)
    * Device Default
    * Direct TCP - If you have TCP/IP settings
    * MDS - Mobile Data Service (Only if you have BES setup)

yFrog Twitter integration for Blackberry & Android

yFrog is an image/video/link sharing website for Twitter which is a sub project of yFrog recently launched its mobile app for Twitter, aiming its concerns for mobile connectivity. This app supports Blackberry OS 4.2 or higher and Android 1.5-2.0 or later devices.

Blackberry features
-Tweet images and videos
-View tweets
-Search yFrog
-View followers and following
-View mentions and messages
Android features
In addition to Blackberry features, Android app supports
-Queue multiple uploads
-15min video uploads
 To download point to

Make Bolt your Blackberry default browser

Bolt 1.6 for Blackberry just released, has the capability to be used as Default browser. It is compatible with OS version 4.3 or above and it is fast. Bolt is available in both Full and Slimmed down versions. It has some great advantages over traditional stock browser like

-Password Manager
-Acid3 compliant
-Enhanced socket support
-Ability to stream videos
-Upload large files
-Social Media functionality
-RSS option
-MIDP 2.0 CLDC 1.0 or higher compatible
-Runs as well on Windows Mobile 6, HTC Touch, MOTO Q, MOTO Q9c (with WMOS 6.1)

Try a Demo before installing. Bolt 1.6 requires Blackberry Launcher. To downlod Bolt 1.6 Direct Phone browser to

First 3G Blackberry 9100

First Blackberry with 3G capabilities is on its way. Also named as Stratus, Pearl 2 and Striker runs Blackberry OS It is said to be released in April 2010. Follow some screen shots below



1. 3.2 MP camera
3. microUSB
4. Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
5. Bluetooth
6. MP3
7. WAP 2.0, HTML
8. Email

Blackberry Media Sync 3.0

Blackberry Media sync 3.0 manages pictures and music files from Blackberry device to computer. Synchronization covers importing and exporting of files between PC and Device. It supports Blackberry Smartphones which are media capable.You can sync following items

1. Playlists from iTunes library or WMP on computer to device
2. Podcasts and other audio files from music application on computer to device
3. Pictures between device and computer