Leaked Google Chrome OS Netbook Specs & Price

Google Chrome OS is a cloud based open source operating system. As official Google announcement depicts it is initially targeted for Netbooks which will be available from second half of 2010. Since Google Chrome OS does not supports all hardware specifications, which can be one of the reasons for Google to launch pre installed versions of their OS on Netbooks.

Specs for Google Chrome OS based Netbooks:
- 10.1 inch TFT HD with multi touch display (1280x 720)
- NVIDIA Tegra
- 64GB SSD
- WiFi
- 3G
- Bluetooth
- Ethernet port
- USB port
- Webcam
- 3.5mm audio jack
- Multi card reader
- Pre installed Google apps
- 4 or 6 cell battery

Price: Google Chrome OS Netbook is said to have a price tag of $300 and in some countries like US, it will be sold with 3G package plan.


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