How to install Swype on Android

Swype is an app used for quick and easy input of keywords. Whats make it so wannabe? It allows you to type fast with a speed of 40 words per minute without
lifting your finger up. Correct and accurate alphabet entered is judged by the time and force applied on the alphabet. Its Path Analyzer technique judge trace for required alphabets. Letter is entered when ever sensors experience a sharp edge leaving to another keyword.

Prominent features:
1- Finger-tip operation
2- Auto spacing
3- Capitalization shortcut
4- 65k word dictionary
5- Accented Characters
6- Over 50 symbols

How to Install?
1- Download Astro file manager from Android market and install
2- Download swype-trial release (~1MB) and unzip without renaming
3- Copy resulting .apk file to SD card
4- On phone go to Settings>Applications and enable Unknown sources
5- Start Astro, browse apk file and install
6- Go to Settings>Language & Keyboard, Uncheck Android keyboard and check Swype


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