How to install Android 2.1 gallery on 2.0.1

Android 2.1 ROM is equipped with marvelous gallery pics than 2.0.1. Android 2.1 ROM has been ported
to and from many Motorola devices. There is no need of root access to install

Install Android 2.1 Gallery on 2.0.1
1- Download Gallery.apk (588KB)
2- Extract without renaming
3- Connect device and run adb shell
4- Install .apk file to phone using command

adb install /path/to/gallery.apk
How to Backup Old Gallery
Busybox required, run adb shell and follow commands as below

adb shell
$ su
# mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system
# /path/to/busybox mv /system/app/Gallery.apk /system/app/Gallery.bak
# sync
# exit
$ exit


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