Aero on Windows 7/Vista Home Basic

Aero is acronym for 'Authentic', 'Energetic', 'Reflective', 'Open'. Aero theme GUI is a transparent theme for Windows 7 and Vista officially released by Microsoft. It is also available on Windows 2008 server. It is a successor of Luna theme. Aero theme in Windows 7 is a revised edition with several UI changes such as Aero Peek, Aero Shake, Aero Snap, Touch UI. Aero theme comes with many editions but deprived versions are Windows 7 Home Basic & Windows Vista Home Basic. Also, Aero theme can't be enabled on low end graphic cards or on PC's having no graphic card at all. Users using these versions can still have a realistic sense of Aero theme by Aero Enabler.

Aero Enabler lets to activate/deactivate Aero theme with single click. It also allows to disable Hardware Check if required graphic card is not available or Windows 7 Basic/Windows Home Basic is in use.


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