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Download YouTube HD Videos [HowTo]

For any Video, sound and video quality are two main factors users look into. YouTube being the most popular search engine for Video sharing allowed access for HD videos for quite a long time. These HD videos prove worth when doing research work or for educational purposes when even minute details become of much importance for better understanding.

To access HD videos you need to install GreaseMonkey on Firefox. Restart Firefox and install YouTube HD Suite UserSript. This script supports iPod/MP4/FLV/HD 720p and HD 1080p files.

Songr - Another Application?

Tired of same old type of Applications every now and then? But what if this is the one?

Songr is really an awesome application which covers almost all the aspects relating to enjoying songs. We wont have a need to download YouTube songs from one application listen from other or find lyrics from the third one. This is a all in one application. It also shows other information like Duration, Bitrate, Size, Search Engine and Relevance. Some of the features include

1. 10 mp3 search engines support
2. Download HQ/HD YouTube videos
3. Extracts audio track as mp3 in ascending order of high quality
4. Find lyrics powered by Bing
5. Preview powered by Amazon
6. Built-in Youtube Audio to Video converter
7. No p2p
8. No Ads

Requirements: .Net Framework 3.5

Download Songr

How to Play Youtube files in Windows Media Player

We cannot deny the fact that Youtube is still the most popular search engine for sharing videos. Many of the TV Channels which you can subscribe use YouTube as their secondary tool for publishing media online. You can also download Youtube (.flv) files online by keepvid or using Downloader. However this requires codec like VLC player to play. But if you want to play these files on Windows Media Player you can use PlayFLV.

PlayFLV is an exe file with no spyware or adware. Just install it and all of your .flv extensions will be playable in Windows Media Player.

Download PlayFLV

Extract Audio from YouTube Video

YouTube is the largest online uptodate media provider. There are many cases when a new track is released without its video being released. Mostly these images are old and annoying which ruins listening experience. If you like a particular song or documentary you'll definitely want to download it for your collection. Sometimes you want to insert the audio file in any presentation, share documentaries or just listen songs in your mp3 player. But you want the audio file one way or the other. What you will do? Well, get help from YTFisher.

YouTube Fisher is a standalone (does not requires installation) 44KB application. Just give the link of a particular YouTube file and extract audio from it. Extract audio will download the file in mp2 format which can be converted to any format via AnyVideoConverter.

Download YouTube Fisher

Download and convert YouTube Videos to Any format

Now you can download and convert any online video from YouTube or other video sharing sites. Search videos right from Free Utility menu, a list appears and double click single/multiple entries to download it. You can also AddUrl of particular movie or clip to download.

To convert right click the downloaded file and hit 'convert to' option. It supports iPod, PSP, 3GP, iPhone, MP3, MP4, VCD, DVD, AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, RM, WAV, WMA, AAC. There is also option for Customize Settings. Enter the Target Folder and you are done.

Download YouTube Free Utility 1.42

Also download AnyVideoConverter