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Convert Your Laptop into a Wi-Fi HotSpot

Connectify is a Windows 7 tool used specifically for Virtual Wi-Fi system. This tool helps to convert your very own Laptop into a Wi-Fi service provider easily. Encrypted with WPA2 protocol implements majority of IEEE 802.11i standards. Its a Non Ad-hoc based network which serves as a regular Access point.
Any Wireless host device which has Wi-Fi specs can be connected to server running Connectify. You can check out the Supported Wireless cards to see whether your Laptop Wireless card supports it or not. Since it is in its early Beta, more addition of devices can be expected in near future.

Free Download Accelerator for Linux/Windows

SKDownloader is a freeware download accelerator for Linux and Windows Platform. It is java based and have special installers. It includes

1. Downloading same file in parts to maximize speed.
2. Pause/Resume Support.
3. Redirection support.
4. HTTP/ FTP support.
5. Proxy support.
6. Schedule event support.
7. IE/Firefox integration.
8. Auto update.
9. GUI/CLI interface.

Requirements: Java 6.0

Download SKDownloader

MP3 to iTunes M4B converter

MP3toAudioBook converts a load of MP3 files to iTunes AudioBook M4B format. It is bookmarked to the original mp3 files. Simply give the path and the .m4b output file is automatically created there without changing anything of the original files. Follow screen shot below

Get the Source Code

Download mp3toaudiobook

Virtual Desktop Manager for Windows 7

Virtual Desktop Manager for Windows 7 helps to work in a pre defined way. Assign your tasks to individual Virtual Desktops to avoid any messy work. An icon is placed on the task bar and allows to switch desktops just like Ubuntu by right click. Virtual Desktop Manager for Windows features include

1. Panel integration
2. 64 bit support
3. Desktop switching keyboard shorcuts
4. Individual Desktop 'Mini Window' overview
5. Support for Flashing Windows
6. Drag n Drop
7. No Administrator rights
8. No installation required

Download Virtual Desktop Manager for Windows 7

Set Bing's photo as Desktop Wallpaper

Not many out there really want to type in address bar for search purposes, Thanks to embedded search option available within browsers. Though it should not be the case with, as you don't want to miss out their doodles, or do you?. But what if you do want to go to Bing's site just to ping new homepage Wallpapers? There's a utility for that!

Bing Paper makes easier to set Desktop wallpaper to that of current Bing Image. You don't have to keep visiting site again and again just to set Bing image as desktop wallpaper. Schedule it as a task to automate the process.

Download BingPaper (913KB)

Mac OS X Theme Pack for Ubuntu

Mac machines are no doubt very expensive for average users. And for many people out there Windows is the first and last option. However if you are a lover of Open source community like Ubuntu OS then there's a treat for you. You can convert your very own Ubuntu OS to Mac OS X with Mac OS X Theme Pack for Ubuntu. This theme pack will make Linux desktop virtually identical to that of Mac OS X.

Follow steps below

1. Download Mac4Lin and unzip
2. Run the command "*./" (where as * is the path to your unzipped Mac4Lin Folder) and always answer "y"to all questions.
3. Install necessary packages with the command "sudo apt-get install awn-manager compiz emerald"
4. Go to Applications>Accessories>Avant Window Navigator (AWN)
5. Panel management AWN select "Themes" and import theme contained in subdirectory of AWN installation directory Mac4Lin
6. Click System>Preferences>Appearance>Background and select wallpaper from "Goodies" Mac4Lin installation directory
7. Reboot

Download Mac OS X Theme Pack for Ubuntu (33MB)

How to Find any Windows Key

If you're planning to re-install Winodws 7, Vista, XP, 2000 or any other Desktop Software and you can't find the Product key or serial number, Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder can help you.

Key Features

>No installation required
>Product keys are found immediately
>Multiple options for saving the key

Download Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder

Install all softwares using one Installer

You might be really tired with Windows crash due to malwares, spywares or even viruses and the final decision will be to re-install the Windows. And after waiting for the installation to complete the real headache comes for the software installation. These software's which some of you might have as a backup and some don't are very tiresome to install. However if you have a Ninite installer you wont have a need to run the software's by clicking the '.exe' files again and again.

Ninite is a single installer file embedded with multiple software's of your choice. It installs all the related softwares with just one click and default settings. There is no registration required and is very simple to make a installer .exe file. Simply go to Ninite page select the software's which you want to install on your system and download the Ninite Installer file. Run the installer and it will install all of your selected software and you don't even have to click 'next-next'. You can also keep Ninite installer file as a backup on USB/CD/DVD/HD for future installation.

The biggest achievement is its support for Windows 7, skips toolbar and adware related installation.

It supports updated software like

1. AntiVirus: Microsoft Essentials, Avast, AVG
2. Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
3. Messaging: Windows Live Messenger, Digsby, GTalk, Pidgin, Thunderbird, Skype
4. Media: VLC, iTunes etc
5. Imaging Picasa, GIMP etc
6. Documents: Office, Adobe reader etc
7. Runtimes: Java, .Net, Flash
8. Compression WinRAR, 7-zip
9. Utilities: RealVNC, CCleaner, CDBurnerXP

Goto Ninite Page

Delete or Remove Empty Folders

Ever cared of finding empty folders in your huge data collection? Surely it confuses one with huge amount of empty folder placed in different location and is very annoying while browsing through folders. Folder Vanity Remover cleans all your mess within seconds. Just browse or drag/drop the drive/folder you want to check in and hit go. No installation required.

[Download Folder Vanity Remover]

Download Portable Skype

Portable Apps which makes almost everything application portable has yet announced a new version of Skype. It lets you connect via instant messenger, audio, video. Some of the features include

1. Free skype to skype calls
2. Instant messaging
3. Video calls
3. Offline call forward
4. Voice Mail
5. SMS
6. Call landline/mobile

Download Skype Portable

Songr - Another Application?

Tired of same old type of Applications every now and then? But what if this is the one?

Songr is really an awesome application which covers almost all the aspects relating to enjoying songs. We wont have a need to download YouTube songs from one application listen from other or find lyrics from the third one. This is a all in one application. It also shows other information like Duration, Bitrate, Size, Search Engine and Relevance. Some of the features include

1. 10 mp3 search engines support
2. Download HQ/HD YouTube videos
3. Extracts audio track as mp3 in ascending order of high quality
4. Find lyrics powered by Bing
5. Preview powered by Amazon
6. Built-in Youtube Audio to Video converter
7. No p2p
8. No Ads

Requirements: .Net Framework 3.5

Download Songr

Free Fix-It Utilities7 Express

Avanquest Software is offering a Free license code for Fix-It Utilities 7 Express. Fix It Express utility enhance the performance of your PC. The tools included can find and prevent system problems before they occur. Its features include

1. Faster Start up times and fewer crashes
2. Scheduled maintenance to keep your PC running like new
3. Diagnose and fix Computer problems before they happen
4. Wizard driven interface makes it easy for anyone to repair their PC!
5. To get free license, just visit the page below and enter a valid email address. Click ‘Download’ to get the link to download software and a serial number to activate it.

Download Fix-It Utilities 7 Express for FREE (55MB)

How to Play Youtube files in Windows Media Player

We cannot deny the fact that Youtube is still the most popular search engine for sharing videos. Many of the TV Channels which you can subscribe use YouTube as their secondary tool for publishing media online. You can also download Youtube (.flv) files online by keepvid or using Downloader. However this requires codec like VLC player to play. But if you want to play these files on Windows Media Player you can use PlayFLV.

PlayFLV is an exe file with no spyware or adware. Just install it and all of your .flv extensions will be playable in Windows Media Player.

Download PlayFLV

Download ACDSee Pro v3 + keygen

ACDSee Pro 3 is a photograpghy software which allows you to process, manage, view and publish your images quickly and easily. New features include

1. Convenient FTP uploader
2. Free online photo sharing
3. SMTP e-mail support
4. Vibrance and color image processing tool
5. Checkbox drag and drop
6. Pixel-level editor

Download ACDSee Pro v3.0.355 + Keygen

Internet Download Manger 5.18+Keygen

New cracked Internet Download Manager (IDM) 5.18 build 4 is available for download. This tool features

1. Increases download speeds
2. Resume and schedule downloads
3. Error recovery
4. Resume capability
5. Simple GUI
6. File segmentation
7. Multipart downloading

Download IDM 5.18 Build 4 Keygen/Patch

Get K-Lite Codec Pack

K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of codecs for playing audio and video. You should be able to play all the popular movie formats and even some rare formats. It supports nearly all of the formats such as MP3, WMA, AVI, MKV, MP4, OGM, and FLV etc. It also has best performance for DVDs playback. It contains VFW/ACM codecs that can be used for encoding.

Download K-Lite Mega Codec 5.2.0

Download WinZip 14 Pro + Keygen

Previously we discussed WinZip 14 beta version. Now WinZip 14 Pro version is available for download. It is the most trusted file compression software for Windows. The new WinZip 14 provides deep integration with Windows, including Microsoft’s Windows 7.

With WinZip 14 you can quickly zip and unzip files to conserve storage space, speed up e-mail transmission, and reduce download times. WinZip 14 offers strong AES encryption for securing sensitive data and avoid data loss.

WinZip 14 even supports photo and image compression. Now you can compress your digital photographs and graphic images by 20 to 25% with no loss of photo quality or data integrity.

Download WinZip 14 Pro + Keygen

Flickr Photo Uploader

Flickr Schedulr is a Windows desktop application that automatically uploads pictures to Flickr based on a schedule. It allows you to create a queue of pictures to be uploaded, along with their titles, descriptions, tags, and the photoset into which they should end up.

This effectively takes the hassle of uploading pictures at regular intervals away, and allows you to go out and have fun shooting pictures while your photoblog is maintained for you.

Its features include

>Easy queue maintaining
>Picture editing option
>Visual overview of queue
>Drag and drop pictures onto the queue from Windows Explorer.
>Automatic retrieval of title, description and tags from the picture when it is added to the queue.
>Can be run from the command line with the "/upload" switch to upload the next picture in the queue.
>Keeps a history of all pictures that have been uploaded.
>Shows you all your important account information, e.g. your remaining upload quota.
>Import and export the configuration (containing queued and uploaded pictures).
>All settings are automatically saved when you close the application.

Download Flickr Schedulr

USB AntiVirus

TrustPost AntiVirus is specifically designed for USB devices. It allows to transfer data securely and monitors continuously transferred data.

>On-access protection of the flash drive
>On-demand computer scanning
>Encryption module
>Proactive protection
>Scanning of any host computer
>Data shredding
>Automatic updates
>Permanent data protection for USB drives
>Applicable on all workstations

Download TrustPost USB AntiVirus

Play Rapidshare files directly

RapidWareX plays rapidshare media files directly without downloading original file. It is a desktop application which avoids the need to download the file and then play. Just give the link and you are ready to go. This tool comes handy when you are not sure of particular Rapidshare URL, don't want to wait for so long or don't have much storage space left on HD. RapidWareX is useful to stream RAR files also.

To use this application you should have
1. Premium Account
2. Video files are DivX or Xvid
3. It is a single avi file

Download RapidWareX