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ImageShack Uploader is free image, videos hosting site. If you want to try a desktop application, then go for ImageShack Uploader. ISU is very simple to operate tool which doesn't require any installation. It also

How to play iTunes videos on any Video player

Whenever videos or audios are purchased from iTunes they can't be played on video player. This is because of m4v protection works only on iPods. To remove DRM protection from downloaded iTunes videos to be playable on your favorite Video Player, download DRM remover and add files.

Loaded files can be any of format from wma, m4a, m4b, aac, wmv, m4p, m4v, asf, mov or avi. Both audio and video iTunes files can be converted. Converted files can be played on many video/audio players and portable devices such as iPod, Zune, Creative Zen, PSP, MP3 players etc.

Aero on Windows 7/Vista Home Basic

Aero is acronym for 'Authentic', 'Energetic', 'Reflective', 'Open'. Aero theme GUI is a transparent theme for Windows 7 and Vista officially released by Microsoft. It is also available on Windows 2008 server. It is a successor of Luna theme. Aero theme in Windows 7 is a revised edition with several UI changes such as Aero Peek, Aero Shake, Aero Snap, Touch UI. Aero theme comes with many editions but deprived versions are Windows 7 Home Basic & Windows Vista Home Basic. Also, Aero theme can't be enabled on low end graphic cards or on PC's having no graphic card at all. Users using these versions can still have a realistic sense of Aero theme by Aero Enabler.

Aero Enabler lets to activate/deactivate Aero theme with single click. It also allows to disable Hardware Check if required graphic card is not available or Windows 7 Basic/Windows Home Basic is in use.

Convert DVD files to 3GP

Many of low cost phones has support for 3GP format. A converter is always required to convert any media files to 3GP format or any other. Here DVD to 3GP converter will be discussed. Below pictured are some of the phones which support 3GP format. These phones includes Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia.

Aimersoft DVD to 3GP converter in addition to video conversion extracts audio from DVD and converts to MP3, WMA, WAV etc. Also, ISO file can be fed into for conversion. This free mobile converter supports portable players such as Creative zen vision, psp, ipod etc.

All social network at one place - Yoono

Yoono is a powerful socializing  network tool for social geeks. It may be really hectic for many people out there to sign into multiple social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, FriendFeed, AIM, Imeem, AIM, GTalk, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger on daily basis. Yoono does this all. When installed it places a sidebar into browser which can be customized to suitable size.

Its interface is pretty much like Digsby IM in the sense that it places all the social networks updates in one column.Whenever browser is started it auto signs in all social networks and produces real time updates.

One thing worth mentioning is its search mechanism. Prominent words which are widely used on internet when occur in any social network, are underlined for Wiki, Photos, Videos etc discovery.

Interface is very neatly placed, allowing options for collective or individual feed for any social network or IM. Also if you see any picture, link, video on internet worth sharing, it can be quickly shared on Facebook, Myspace, Flickr etc by right clicking it and choosing 'Share'.

How to make .doc files images

Microsoft does not allow to save any word document file as an image. And if Prt Sc option is used, not all of the document file gets printed. There is a option to convert any length document file to image using Microsoft XPS document writer and XPS converter. Follow below

-Open .doc file and go to File > Print (or hit Ctrl+P)
-Chose 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer' from Name drop down list and give path to save .xps file

-Download freeware XPSImage, install and run it
-Add saved *.xps file in XPS to Image converter

-Set output file location, image format and image quality
-Hit 'Click here to convert to image files'

Password Recoverer [Google Apps, IE]

Google Password Decryptor is a free tool to recover stored Google Apps passwords like GTalk, Picasa, Desktop search, iGoogle GMail Notifier, Google Chrome and IE. It is a standalone app and there is no need of installation. It can also show passwords of mulitple Google Accounts at once. Password list can be stored as HTML or TEXT format with Export options. See Google Password Decryptor in action below

Skyfire 1.5 for Windows Mobile

Skyfire browser popular amongst Windows Mobile users has unleashed latest version couple of days ago. Skyfire 1.5 experienced some new enhancements and features form its previous version. It supports WinMo 5.x or 6.x phone and can be downloaded via

Whats new?

-Full VGA support
-Finger Friendly UI
-Smooth Scrolling
-Full Screen Mode
-Auto move text entry box using Virtual keyboard
-Flash and Silverlight update
-Updated start page
-Better server, client performance
-Responsive browsing with VGA, wVGA devices

Symbian 5e support will be coming in January. Skyfire for WinMo can be downloaded officially from or point device to

Download National Geographic Wallpapers

NatGeo is a freeware which allows to download National Geographic Wallpapers. This is a directly runnable  file and doesn't requires any installation. Interface is pretty neat and easy.

 This application offers direct download wallpapers of 2007, 2008, 2009. We can also set the Screen resolution ranging from 1280x1024 to 800x600. All Windows platform are supportable.

Picasa Downloader

Picasa is a free photo editing software from Google. It helps create free online albums and organize them the way you want to. Like PhotoBucket downloader, Picasa downloader also downloads albums but only pertaining to Picasa. It requires Picasa Username. Select albums and download.

Download source code
Download Picasa Downloader

LastPass Password Manager 1.62.0

Ever tried one Master password for all passwords? Now you will. LastPass makes life easier by remembering all the passwords. It supports IE and Firefox Plugins. Opera, Safari, Chrome and Opera Mini with Bookmarklets. Definitely it saves a lot of time and if you save all of your passwords in some file then you won't have a need to access it always and search for particular one. Some other benefits include

1. Auto-fill of forms
2. Single click site login
3. Support for import, export and capture passwords
4. Data encryption locally before uploading
5. Password recovery in Windows
6. Mobile access at
7. Sync among different browsers
8. Access from USB keys
9. Phishing Protection
10. Support for iPhone, Blackberry Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian S60

Download LastPass

Free ZoneAlarm Products for Windows 7

ZoneAlarm launched its free products for Windows 7 users. These products include ZoneAlarm Firewall, Zone Alarm Extreme Security Final, Zone Alarm Pro Final, ZoneAlarm with AntiVirus Final, ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite Final. Some of the prominent features include

1. Spy site detection
2. Signature and heuristic phishing detection
3. Website safety check and rating
4. Privacy mode for shared computers
5. Instant messaging security
6. Browser security toolbar

Be sure to uninstall the previous version of ZoneAlarm and Turn Off Windows Firewall for maximum security.

CyberLink PowerCinema v6.0.3316 + Keygen

You must be familiar with CyberLink DVD which serves the purpose of playing DVD files or other media formats only. But CyberLink Cinema is an all in one digital media center. It is compatible with USB and PCI TV Tuner cards. What makes it so exclusive is its multiple features for TV, DVD, Music, Radio, Photos, Videos. Have an insight below

1. Watch High Definition programs
2. Record shows via Electronic Program Guide
3. Support for wide screen display
4. Listen to radio with Time Shifting option
5. Play multiple selection of tracks
6. Photo editing

ESET NOD 32 AV & SS 4 90days


1. Go to
2. Enter PCW1-orld12z9, hit Dalej
3. Enter username and email address, hit Dalej
4. Enter email address again and hit Dalej
5. Hit Zakoncz
6. Download AV or SS from
7. Give username and password emailed on your id.
8. Use same username and password as key.


JDownloader is a download manager for downloading files. Its based on open source platform and written in Java. Good thing about JD is that it allows multiple RapidShare, MegaUpload etc links download. We know that rapidshare links are the most reliable, speedier. However they require free users to wait as according to there policy 'free, fair and equal use to all'. If you got any rapidshare media/soft etc link in parts, JD will do the waiting stuff on its own. Also JD automatically recognizes captcha, file extraction and imports CCF, RSDF, and new DLC files. If you want to avoid the wait time, there are two options. One is to use a premium account or else configure JD to work with their routers. Second option require dynamic internet connection. But still JD team is working on auto router detection, since every client router configuration differs.

Requirement: JDK/JRE 1.5 or higher

Download JDownloader (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Seesmic Desktop for Windows

Seesmic is one of the Twitter clients like Destroy Twitter or Twhirl. Previously it was an Adobe AIR application. Its a multi social network application which shows Twitter and Facebook status updates simultaneously. It is the first available standalone executable file for Windows and Mac Platform. Seesmic GUI looks pretty much like Windows 7 Aero theme.  There are three main tabs namely All, Accounts and UserLists. Seesmic Desktop can be transformed into a full fledged column based control panel just like TweetDeck. As Destroy Twitter is said to be released in this month and will be a healthy contender to Seesmic Desktop.

Download Seesmic Desktop for Windows (Requires Email confirmation)

WiFi Hotspot with Virtual Router

Connectify is the one application which allows us to convert Laptop/PC running Windows 7 into a WiFi HotSpot. However there are some limitations with Connectify. Firstly its beta version is free and final version won't be. Secondly it supports a limited number of Wireless Cards.

If your plans are long term, choose Virtual Router. For now its in beta and unlike Connectify, Virtual Router final version will be free. Apart from Windows 7 it also supports Windows Server 2008 R2. It uses WPA2 encryption and this application is purely written in C#.

Download Yahoo Messenger 10 Final

After the beta release and many bug fixes, new and clean version is available free for download.
Many new and enhanced features include

1. Enhanced Video calling
2. Improved language support
3. PC-PC and PC-Mobile calls
4. IM forwarding to Mobile
5. Call forwarding
6. Stealth/Privacy settings
7. Plug-ins support and many more

RapidShare Mass Downloader

Rapidshare Mass Downloader tools helps to download rapidshare file links without actually going to the download site. It avoids the wait which we have to usually do. It is a windows based tool. There are 3 options available to download rapidshare files.

1. Add Single URL
2. Load Links from a text file
3. Load Links from a web page

Just give the required link and press 'start downloading'. It will take a moment to load the file, be patient at that time. This particular tool is developed by Sourceforge developer under GNU GPL license.

Download Paint.Net 3.5 Final

New and Final version of Paint.NET has just arrived. Paint.NET is a free photo editing software prepared under .NET platform. It supports layers, unlimited undo, special effects. Some basic features include

1. Refreshed UI
2. Aero support for Windows 7 and Vista
3. New Blurs, Distort effects
4. less memory usage
5. Reduced disk space by 12MB for NTFS

and many many more....!

Download Paint.NET 3.5