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Panda Cloud AntiVirus 1.0 supports 64-bit

Panda Cloud Antivirus is the first free cloud-based antivirus thin-client. It consists of a lightweight antivirus with real time connectivity with PandaLabs Servers. It protects against new malware avoiding PC performance degradation.Panda Cloud Antivirus detects more malware than traditional signature-based solutions. It is extremely light as all the work is done in the cloud. Panda Cloud Antivirus provides you with the fastest protection against the newest viruses thanks to its cloud-scanning from PandaLabs' servers. Don't worry about updates, configuration or complicated decisions ever again. It supports Windows Vista and Windows 7 64-bit with ability to restore and neutralize files.

Password Recoverer [Google Apps, IE]

Google Password Decryptor is a free tool to recover stored Google Apps passwords like GTalk, Picasa, Desktop search, iGoogle GMail Notifier, Google Chrome and IE. It is a standalone app and there is no need of installation. It can also show passwords of mulitple Google Accounts at once. Password list can be stored as HTML or TEXT format with Export options. See Google Password Decryptor in action below

LastPass Password Manager 1.62.0

Ever tried one Master password for all passwords? Now you will. LastPass makes life easier by remembering all the passwords. It supports IE and Firefox Plugins. Opera, Safari, Chrome and Opera Mini with Bookmarklets. Definitely it saves a lot of time and if you save all of your passwords in some file then you won't have a need to access it always and search for particular one. Some other benefits include

1. Auto-fill of forms
2. Single click site login
3. Support for import, export and capture passwords
4. Data encryption locally before uploading
5. Password recovery in Windows
6. Mobile access at
7. Sync among different browsers
8. Access from USB keys
9. Phishing Protection
10. Support for iPhone, Blackberry Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian S60

Download LastPass

Free ZoneAlarm Products for Windows 7

ZoneAlarm launched its free products for Windows 7 users. These products include ZoneAlarm Firewall, Zone Alarm Extreme Security Final, Zone Alarm Pro Final, ZoneAlarm with AntiVirus Final, ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite Final. Some of the prominent features include

1. Spy site detection
2. Signature and heuristic phishing detection
3. Website safety check and rating
4. Privacy mode for shared computers
5. Instant messaging security
6. Browser security toolbar

Be sure to uninstall the previous version of ZoneAlarm and Turn Off Windows Firewall for maximum security.

ESET NOD 32 AV & SS 4 90days


1. Go to
2. Enter PCW1-orld12z9, hit Dalej
3. Enter username and email address, hit Dalej
4. Enter email address again and hit Dalej
5. Hit Zakoncz
6. Download AV or SS from
7. Give username and password emailed on your id.
8. Use same username and password as key.

Download McAfee VirusScan Plus 2010

McaFee Virus Scan Plus 2010 includes Anti-Virus, Anit-Spyware, Firewall and Site Advisor. This product comes with 3 User license for free. It is an official trial and is valid for 12 months. Virus scan 2010 version adds ratings to websites to avoid online dangers. 24/7 online protection is available with daily updates at no charge. Supports Online Messengers like AOL, Yahoo and MSN; Email Programs like Outlook, Eudora and Netscape.

Requirements: Windows 2k3 SP4, Windows XP SP1, IE 6.0 or later/Firefox 1.5 or later.

Follow DataSheet

Go to Download Page (Requires free registration)

Remove Autorun.inf Virus

If your work involves lot of USB usage then you must have been a victim of Autorun.inf virus. This nifty virus exploits your system very badly by making multiple copies and disabling direct USB drive opening option from My Computer. These autorun.inf files are also made by malware. In order to avoid spreading of this virus Format USB is the last option and thus can lead to loss of our precious data. This autorun.inf file is normally associated with Autorun function.It tells operating system which executable to start, which dodging icon to use and which commands to run further and is ultimately a harmful procedure for your system stability.

Autorun Eater v 2.4 avoid such situations. It simply detects and removes suspicious Autorun.inf files. Close Autoplay option prevents automatically execution of malware through AutoPlay window.

[Download Autorun Eater v 2.4] (1.4MB)

Free Fix-It Utilities7 Express

Avanquest Software is offering a Free license code for Fix-It Utilities 7 Express. Fix It Express utility enhance the performance of your PC. The tools included can find and prevent system problems before they occur. Its features include

1. Faster Start up times and fewer crashes
2. Scheduled maintenance to keep your PC running like new
3. Diagnose and fix Computer problems before they happen
4. Wizard driven interface makes it easy for anyone to repair their PC!
5. To get free license, just visit the page below and enter a valid email address. Click ‘Download’ to get the link to download software and a serial number to activate it.

Download Fix-It Utilities 7 Express for FREE (55MB)

Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

Recently we covered an offer from Microsoft and Panda to celebrate Windows 7 launch. Now there is one more. Kaspersky is also giving away free copies of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 with free license keys. This license may cover 1 year free online support, though still unconfirmed yet. This offer is going to start on 22nd October. Bookmark Launch Party page now to avail this offer instantly.

Updated: Sadly, Only the Attendees of Windows 7 Launch Party are allowed to avail this offer which requires a host email.

Free license Panda Internet Security 2010

Previously we discussed Panda Anti-Virus 2010 promotional offer which was valid till 30th September. Now on the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft and Panda in collaboration are giving away free license for Panda Internet Security 2010. This offer is said to on 22nd October. You can check out the product data sheet for more information.

How to avail this offer

1. Register an account on
2. Download Panda Internet Security 2010
3. Apply license key emailed to you.

Download WinZip 14 Pro + Keygen

Previously we discussed WinZip 14 beta version. Now WinZip 14 Pro version is available for download. It is the most trusted file compression software for Windows. The new WinZip 14 provides deep integration with Windows, including Microsoft’s Windows 7.

With WinZip 14 you can quickly zip and unzip files to conserve storage space, speed up e-mail transmission, and reduce download times. WinZip 14 offers strong AES encryption for securing sensitive data and avoid data loss.

WinZip 14 even supports photo and image compression. Now you can compress your digital photographs and graphic images by 20 to 25% with no loss of photo quality or data integrity.

Download WinZip 14 Pro + Keygen

Kaspersky GSI: System Analyzer

GetSystemInfo (GSI) is a very useful tool created by Kaspersky Lab. GSI is used to collect system information to troubleshoot technical issues, detect incompatible software, detect known and unknown malware, and program function errors. It first scans your computer and creates a log file which you can then upload to the online GSI parser for analysis. After you have finished uploading the log file, the online GSI parser then scans all the information present in the log file and parses it into an easy readable format. Because of the online parser, users with limited computer experience can also troubleshoot an issue on their own easily.

How to use GSI effectively

*Download GSI from official site
*Run GSI to generate report

*Go to Kaspersky GSI website
*Browse, Upload zipped report and submit

Download Kaspersky GSI (450KB)

USB AntiVirus

TrustPost AntiVirus is specifically designed for USB devices. It allows to transfer data securely and monitors continuously transferred data.

>On-access protection of the flash drive
>On-demand computer scanning
>Encryption module
>Proactive protection
>Scanning of any host computer
>Data shredding
>Automatic updates
>Permanent data protection for USB drives
>Applicable on all workstations

Download TrustPost USB AntiVirus

Grab Free ZoneAlarm Pro

ZoneAlarm is a professional two-way firewall to protect computer against malicious attacks.
Free giveaway for ZoneAlarm is going to fall on 13th of this month. This promotional offer is to be continue for 24hrs. The lucky customers will get the fully featured product with online update. The free giveaway will be conducted here. Be sure to get the copies as soon as possible. Some of the features are given below

1. Browser security
2. Spy site detection
3. Anti-phishing
4. OS firewall
5. Outbound safe Email Protection

PC Tools Internet Security 2010

PC Tools is offering 12months licensed version of Internet Security 2010. It includes nearly all award winning tools like Spyware Doctor, AntiVirus, Firewall Plus and Scam Protection. To avail Free 12 months license key with Internet Security 2010 follow below

1. Go to notrailsurf
2. Enter URL and Click go.
3. Now enter details for registration which is free and easy.
4. Confirm your email, receive key (valid for 12months) and download.

Requirements: Windows Platform

Download Internet Security 2010

AVG AntiVirus 9

The new version of AntiVirus Grisoft 9 has been released. This product is available for 30 days trial with full online support. Some of the core features include

1. LinkScanner® Active Surf-Shield
2. LinkScanner® Search-Shield
3. New Superior Phishing Protection
4. Web Shield
5. E-mail Scanner
6. AntiVirus
7. AntiVirus
8. AntiRootkit
9. Game Mode
10. Update Manager
11. Fast Scans

System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7

Download AVG 9 (71.2MB)

Other Products you might like to download AVG Internet Security (103.58MB), AVG Identity Protection (16MB)

Download Registry Mechanic + key

Registry mechanic provides repair and optimization of Windows Registry. It is the most reliable security solutions to eradicate windows registry. Some of the features are listed below
  • World's most popular registry cleaner with over 60 million downloads.
  • Safely clean, repair and optimize the Windows® registry.
  • Improve your system performance without expensive hardware upgrades.
  • Backup registry.
  • Recommended by experts and editors as the world's best registry cleaner.
  • Registry defrag to optimize your PC for better performance.
  • FREE customer support for all users.
  • Easy to use. Designed for both expert and novice users.

One of the prominent feature which has been noticed is that it surely speeds up the PC. In order to use the Key Please make it sure that you don't update the software or don't install the software when internet connection is turned on!

System Requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000

Download Registry Mechanic New (8.2 MB) + Key

Download Norton 360 v3.0

Norton 360 is available for download. It covers 90 days trial with full online support. This version is installable on 3 personal computers. New features includes

1. Provides industry leading security without slowing you down.
2. Blocks Botnets
3. Makes online shopping easier
4. Delivers up to the minute virus protection
5. Speeds up PC Boot time
6. AntiVirus
7. AntiSpyware
8. Firewall Protection

Requirements: Windows XP (32bit, SP2 or later), Windows Vista (32/62 bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit)

Download Norton 360 v3.0

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) also known as Microsoft AntiVirus is available for download. It is a free utility specifically for countries where virus, adware, spyware are a major threat. MSE dominates considering its lightweight and hence uses less system resources. However it requires Genuine Windows validation which is major drawback. A comprehensive Microsoft Malware protection center provides information, definitions and analysis for latest threats.

Before download take a look at these 'How To Videos' for installation, scan and fix a problem.

Requirements: Genuine Windows XP (SP2 or SP3), Windows Vista (Gold, SP1, SP2), Windows7

Download Microsoft Security Essentials

Free McAfee 2009 Total Security 90days

McAfee total protection suite offers ultimate PC security with accelerated performance for online activities, personal files and home networking. 3 user pack includes Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Spyware, Two way firewall, Identity protection, Data backup. Refer to DataSheet for complete list of features available with McAfee 2009.

System Requirements: Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP1, Windows Vista SP1 (More)

Download McAfee 2009 (requires free reg)