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Opera Mobile 10 Beta 2 Updated

Opera released another update for Mobile 10 just after couple of months ago Beta 1 launch.  Its the second update which includes support for language such as Arabic and Hebrew with left right rendering. As told its the last update prior to final release. More phones supports auto-rotation with faster loading. The symbian version of browser gets access to native keyboard integration.


Opera Mobile 10 for Android and BREW

Previously Opera released its browser version for Windows and now Android, BREW is on the priority list. Today it was released to Operators and OEMs and is available on request. There are many features embedded in Opera Mobile 10 like Opera Turbo which increases browsing experience by 50%.

Like Opera widgets for Desktop, it also the support for Mobile Widgets. Opera Mobile 10 for Android benefits include

 - Optimized Web experience for mobile phones
- The ability to offer Web applications right on the idle screen
- The full richness of Web 2.0 services using AJAX
- Blazing speed with Opera Turbo
- Opera Widgets for Android

Opera Mini 5 & Mobile 10 Beta2

Opera announced latest beta versions of Opera Mini 5 for Windows Mobile, Symbian/S60 sets and Opera Mobile 10. The Beta 2 versions has come up with desktop features like Opera link and Download manager from mobile. Opera link allows personal browser settings synchronization with Opera desktop and connected devices. This will ensure all time accessibility for speed dial, bookmarks and search engines.

> UI is further polished with round edges
> Better memory management
> Mobile view crash fix
> Clear cache setting
> Option to set opera as default on mobile
> Remembers page position and zoom state
> Column snapping on Touch
> Shortcut support

Opera Mini 5 Beta 2

Opera Mobile 10 Beta 2
Go to from mobile or Download to desktop

Opera 10.20 Alpha with Desktop Widgets

It was three days earlier when Opera 10.10 Final was released and the new version has starting picking up the gap. The prominent feature in 10.20 Alpha released is its widgets behavior. Widgets for Opera are just like AddOn for Firefox. Uptill Opera 10.10 release widgets run from opera itself which means you have to actually open the browser to use these widgets. While in latest version under development, it eradicates such need.

Opera Desktop widgets will allow us to install widgets from opera repository to our desktop computer. It supports OS like Windows, Mac, Linux. Remember its a dev version and can run into crashes and data loss situations.

Download Opera 10.20 Alpha

Opera 10.10 Final

It was last month when Opera 10.10 beta version was introduced and now its Final. As we all know Opera Team is doing very well with the Mobile browser versions like Opera  Mini and Opera Mobile. When Opera 10 was rumored 2-3 months back we were very excited about it. But to some extent it lacked one way or the other. However one feature which was surely appreciable was the introduction of Opera Turbo.

Opera 10.10 is worth to try for browsers geeks. The reason for this is its customization, productivity, easy UI and obviously Security. Opera 10.10 will keep you satisfy for your needs like

1. Fast browsing with Opera Turbo
2. Sync with gadgets and computers
3. Customized Emails
4. Opera Dragonfly for devs
5. Re-sizable tab bar with sleek design
6. Speed dial
7. Zooming ability
8. Integrated search like Twitter, Google, Ask, Yahoo! etc
9. Download manager with BitTorrent
10. SSL encryption

Opera Mobile 10 Beta for Windows Mobile

Opera unveiled its browser in series of gadgets for Windows Mobiles. Couple of weeks ago Smartphones were the one to get the treat and now its for Windows Mobile platform. It is rich in interface and design, faster browsing and compliants with web standards, enhanced security features and comes with developer tools. Like the Opera Mini and Opera 10 beta for Smartphones it has a intuitive interface, tabbed browsing, speed dial, opera turbo and adaptive zoom. Touch screen users have a support for easy navigation and kinetic scrolling which will make it more easier to navigate. Control of private data will be possible by clearing history and opera turbo will allow secure bank transactions hence avoiding encrypted traffic even through opera servers.

Get Opera Mobile 10 Beta

Opera Mobile 10 Beta is available for download free specifically designed for Smartphones running Symbian S60, 3rd and 5th series on Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung. What you should be expecting in this new version:

1. Rich interface
2. Faster browsing
3. Speed dials
4. Tabs
5. Opera Turbo
6. Touch & Keypad
7. Password manager
8. Adaptive Zoom
9. Pages and images save option
10. Auto Complete
11. New web standards support

Download Opera Mobile 10 Beta (3.9MB)

From mobile go to

Download NEW OPERA 10.10 Beta

After the release of Opera 10 with Turbo Feature, Opera 10.10 beta has been recently announced with a new feature named Opera Unite. Opera Unite allows you to download and run Web applications and to share content with others in a quick and easy way. Opera Unite is a powerful platform that turns your Web browser into a Web Server too. This means you can share content directly with friends without having to upload anything to a Web site. You can stream music, show photo galleries, share files and folders or even host your Web pages. It supports Windows, Unix and Mac. Follow User guide to get started.

There are many applications available and more can be reached at Applications Catalog. Some the pre installed applications include File Sharing, Fridge (Fun Notes), Photo Sharing, Media Player, Web Server, Messenger.

Download Opera 10.10 Beta

Opera 5 mini released!

Opera mini is the mostly used browser for mobile surfers. Recently Opera has announced its mini browser Opera Mini 5 Beta. Some of the prominent features are listed below
  • Tabbed Browsing

  • Password manager

  • Speed dial

  • Touch Screen Browsing

  • Power scrolling

Download to Computer

Visit to directly download into your mobile.

Opera 10.0

Finally Opera has officially released much awaited version 10.0. Exclusive features include

1. Turbo Compression Boost.
2. Visual Tabs.
3. Voice controlled Browsing.
3. Tabs Placement (Top, Right, Left, Bottom).
4. Builtin Widgets (Facebook, Twitter, Artists Sketchbook, Video Downloader, Games etc).
5. Take notes while browsing.
6. Close all tabs by one click.
5. Shows all installed plugins.
6. Auto personal form submission.
7. Keyword based search. (e.g write g opera in address field for Google search).

The design is awesome but it lacks speed. With 'Turbo on' (off by default, configure by clicking small meter icon placed at bottom right) page loading is fast as compared to normal but not good as compared to Google Chrome or even Firefox. I remember when i downloaded the previous version of Opera many problems were experienced like page loading. But it is for sure that this version is faster from previous one.
By default 2 skins are included Opera standard and Windows native. Voice controlled browsing is an excellent feature which has been included however requires voice libraries download. Frequent web users should give it a try.

Download Opera 10.0