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Top 3 Nokia Apps,Products,Services in 2009

Nokia end of year polls for Best Applications, Products and Services is out. Following results were

Nokia Image Space App for S60

Nokia Image Space is a new photo viewing app. It links Flickr account with Image space to easily browse pictures from Nokia S60 3.2 or 5.0 devices.

Built in Compass and GPS is required to Geo-tag your images  taken which not only records image orientation only but also its Position too in the metadata.

Future developments:
Given a suitable amount of pictures of a particular place, it generates a 3D spatial browsing presentation. This feature is in its early stages and will be coming in couple of months

Adobe flash 10 plugin for IE/Safari/Firefox browser. Works on Nokia N97 Mini, 6210 Navigator, 6710 Navigator, 6720 Classic.

Go to or download .sis file here.

Nokia N85 Firmware updated to 31.002

Seems like frequent updates going on for Nokia fans. Previously Nokia N79 updated to 32.001, N96 to 30.101 and now N85 to 31.002. New update can be accessed via OTA or NSU.

Nokia Messaging with Twitter

Nokia announced second beta of Nokia Messaging for Social Networks. It now includes Twitter integration along with Facebook. This is an early preview currently available on Nokia N97, N97 mini and 5800 devices.

Added new features are

-Upload pictures and videos
-Events: View upcoming events, birthdays and import to device calendar
-Search friends
-Click-to-call / click-to-SMS / click-to-FB Email

Nokia Messaging

Nokia N79 Firmware 32.001 update

Nokia N79 users just experienced an update to version 32.001 v9.0 from previous version 31.002. It is recommended to update to new firmware which includes some bug fixes. As N79 supports UDP, however its preferable to backup. New update can be reached via OTA or NSU. It can also be directly accessed from here.

New Nokia 5235

Nokia has come up with a new Nokia 5235 handset. The main motivation behind this particular product launch is lies in media concentration. The touchscreen based music edition breaks all borders in compliance with music content. Nokia Music store provides unlimited legal music download for 12-18 months and also can be downloaded via Nokia Ovi Player from PC. It support 33hrs of media playback with 16GB microSD card.  Some of the Highlighted specs are detailed below

-ARM 11, 434MHz processor
-128MB RAM, 256MB ROM
-640x480 VGA Display
-3.2 inch touchscreen
-2MP camera
-18days standby time
-3.5mm audio output
-Ovi support
-Symbian 9.4
-Builtin 320MB memory

 Nokia 5235 is expected to roll out in 1st quarter of 2010 with a price tag of $214 USD.

Skype Beta for Symbian Phones

Finally Skype team has released the beta version of its most popular desktop voip app for Symbian Phones. This app works on all S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 and 2. Skype for Symbian supports

-Free Skype-to-Skype calling
-Call phones with Skype credits or subscription
- Receive calls on your Online Number
- Instant Messaging
- Group conversations
- File sending and receiving

Skype works with Wi-Fi and 3G networks and can be installed via OTA, NSU or simply download and send the file via Bluetooth. Skype supports Nokia E71, Nokia E63, E66, N82, E51, N95, N95 8GB, N81, N81 8GB, E90, N96, N85, 5320, 6210 Navigator, 6210 Classic, N78 and N79.

Update Nokia N96 Firmware to v30.101

Nokia N96 has got a minor update from previous version 30.033 to 30.101. Since it is good to backup data while having UDP. Update can be access from OTA or NSU. Details yet known are

Firmware Update Nokia N96 RM-247 EMEA 30.101 v08.00
Major Data Package v08.00 MCU SW 30.101
File name : RM-247_EMEA_30.101_v08.00.exe
Published 07/12/2009 Size 72.19 MB
EMEA - Phones - N96 RM-247
File Directory - Download - Firmware BB5

Nokia Software Updater gets updated to v2.4.1

Nokia software updater just got updated to v2.4.1 from 1.8.1. There is no significant change to UI. However it seems that new version will support more devices and fixes some bugs. It supports Windows 7 and follows improved USB connectivity.

Update Nokia E75 firmware to 201.12.01

Nokia E75 has received a firmware update to 201.12.01 from 110.48.125. The new firmware can be downloaded from NSU (Nokia Software Updater) or OTA (Over the Air). Nokia E75 does have User Data Protection feature but its good to backup data if you run into any difficulties.

New Supported Features:

1. OVI Contacts
2. Social integration like Facebook, YouTube and MySpace
3. Accidental/Double key press filter
4. Improved support for Chinese language
5. Direct camera sharing and improved uploading experience from Gallery
6. Direct device address book sharing
7. Geo-tagging
8. Homescreen UI improvements
9. Browser update 7.1
10. 9 way navigation

Nokia E71 Firmware 400.21.013 v6

Nokia E71 has a new Firmware update 400.21.013 v6 and can be updated via Nokia Software Updater. This update for now is not officially declared by Nokia and will be soon. However you can give it a try. New update includes

1. Gimlet v9.5.3.72
2. Quick Office 5.3
3. Ovi Store 1.5.2
4. Ovi Contacts pre installed
5. Email, WLAN, Camera, Internet Radio v1.16
6. QWERTY usability improvements
7. Fixes for incoming and emergency calls
8. Increased robustness in SMS handling
9. Mail for Exchange 2.9.176
10. Memory leak and crash fixes

Be sure to back up all data!

Video calls on Symbian with Fring

Fring is a VoIP based app for calls over IM's. Recently it covered voice chat for Android Devices. Today it also includes Video chat for Nokia symbian. It uses Skype API for it. Fring inclusion will evolve a new era of telephony conversation. It will be easier to make calls particularly video calls online rather than relying on network. However the network will still be used, not for calls but for internet access. It works with a variety of Nokia devices like N97, N95, 5800 etc. Watch how it actually works

Download Fring

Windows Live Messenger for Nokia Phones

Windows Live Messenger is available for Nokia Phones via Nokia Messaging. Nokia Messaging is a Chat Application to conduct multiple conversations simultaneously, change their status, send personal messages and manage Windows Live buddy lists from Nokia sets.

Windows Live Messenger for Nokia Messaging includes tabbed chat windows, ability to call directly from buddy list, notifications for new messaging thus supporting multitasking, Invisible login option.

Nokia E72 is the first device which comes with Chat support for Windows Live Messenger. While owners of Nokia E63, E71, E75 are required to download 'Nokia Messaging for IM' from Ovi Store, or download JAR/JAD installation files from here.

Nokia unveils 6700 & 7230 Sliders

Nokia unveiled two new 3G sliders, Nokia 6700 & Nokia 7230. These Symbian powered sets are expected to launch in Q1 2010. Initial price tag for Nokia 6700 is $239 USD and of Nokia 7230 is $149 USD.

Nokia 6700 Slide

Nokia 7230

 Watch promotional video below.

Check out specs and more photos at Official Nokia site

Nokia 6700 Slide specs
Nokia 7230 specs

Cheapest Nokia cellphones

The Finnish company Nokia unveiled 5 cheapest ever cellphones in their entire history.

Nokia 1280 ($30)

Nokia 1616, 1800 ($36)

Specs 1616, 1800

Nokia 2220 Slide ($67)

Nokia 2690 ($80)

Update Nokia N97 to Firmware v2.0

Nokia announced N97 software upgrade to 2.0 for all the fans out there. Its is always must to upgrade to new version which is free to avoid any incompatibility with latest apps and also a precautionary measure. New upgrade 20.0.019 features

1. Improved touch screen scrolling
2. Ovi Maps 3.1 with 3D maps
3. Nokia e-mail, Ovi contacts, Ovi Store
4. VoIP support

Two methods for up-gradation

A. Via Nokia N97 Device (requires internet)

i) Select Applications>Software Update
ii) Choose app to update
iii) Follow instructions

B. Via PC (requires data cable)

i) Go to Official Page
ii) Select Language and download update file

Nokia Firmware Updater

Nokia released firmware updater called Nokia Software Updater. You will need to install by connecting your mobile phone with USB. Be sure to backup all of your mobile data in order to avoid any mishaps. Update the software and restore the files you backed up. It is necessary to back up your files as updating the software may delete your files permanently which can be disastrous. This software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and not Windows 7 yet. Check if your mobile phone supports this software by Compatibility check. To check whether your phone needs any upgrade or not, enter product code here. The code is printed on the white label beneath the battery and will look similar to CODE: 0520001

[Download Nokia Software Updater]

Nokia Photo Browser

Nokia Photo Browser is a S60 platform application which allows you to browse and manage photos with 3D effects. Watch how it works

This small app makes thumbnails for all the pictures for an easy view and is currently available for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music and N97, N79, N86 8MP, E66, E75, 6720 Classic, 5730 XpressMusic, E55, N85, N96-3, 6210 Navigator, 6710 Navigator, 5320 XpressMusic, 6650, 6220 classic, N78, 6124 classic, E63, E51, N95-3 NAM, N81, 6121 classic N81 8GB, 6120 classic, 6110 Navigator, 5700 XpressMusic, N76, and 6290.

Download Nokia Photo Browser

Nokia X3

Nokia X3 Datasheet

Nokia X6