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New 10m HTC Nexus One Video

Another Google Nexus One Video emerges. This time a more comprehensive 10minute one.

Superboot HTC Nexus One on Android 2.1

Guys this is real. Unbelievable? just bite your fingers. :D

Modaco Android forum experienced a strange thread, explaining how to root Google Nexus One prior to its

Nexus One Debut Appearance

At last Google announced final date for its much awaited smartphone. According to which Google Nexus one is said to have a debut appearance on January 5th in the event named 'Android Press Gathering'. It will be held at Company's Mountain View, California, Headquarters. Moreover in the same month there are two big and competitive events coming up. One is Consumer Electronics Show on 7th at Las Vegas and the other one is Apple event on 26th which is rumored to launch 8GB iPhone 3GS.

In the midst of two important events, will Google Nexus One be able to keep the hope alive? This is the one big question surely to be answered in coming days. Nonetheless with the rate of Android devices popping up and Android 2.1 being ported on different products, it will be definitely worth giving a shot. 

Google Nexus One Pricing Details

Gizmodo got hands of pricing details for Google Nexus One, an Android based Smartphone. According to which there are two buying plans available.

 1. If you plan to buy Google Nexus one with T-Mobile carrier, it will cost $179.99 which includes 500 talk time minutes, Unlimited nights and weekends, Unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile minutes. Individual 500 T-Mobile pricing Plan also covers unlimited local SMS, MMS, IM, Android unlimited web for $79.99/m. Existing users have an option of up gradation. This plan covers 2 year contract service.

2. If you plan to buy only Google Nexus One without carrier (Unlocked) it will cost $529.99. It accompanies with accessories such as charger, USB Cable, Phone case and free shipping for US customers.

Google will sell phones by itself through online. Also 5 Google Nexus one phones can be purchased with one GMail Email ID.

Google Nexus One specs confirmed?

Engadget reports that they have got hold of Google Nexus One specs. Its learned that Nexus One retail starts from 5th January as early. Unfortunately, it will be based on Invite only basis. T-Mobile users would be able to access special packages with Google Nexus One purchase. It may be speculated that invitations could work same as GMail or GW.

Android 2.1 interface on Nexus One[Video]

Its one of the comprehensive video yet for Android 2.1 (French) interface operating on Google Nexus One. 

Google Nexus One New Pics and Video

Upcoming Google Phone named Nexus One is planned be released early next year. New unboxing video's and pics are caught up in the wild. Have a look

Google Nexus One Wallpapers+Ringtones

Here are some Wallpapers and Audio files extracted from Google Nexus One Android 2.1. Audio files are in .ogg format, and can be converted to desired format using any suitable converter.

Nexus One Wallpapers

Nexus One Audio files

Nexus One Ringtone [Video]

Google Nexus One [Specs+Video]

Google Products do have a promising start but the question remains how are they going to penetrate in users heart. We all know that Google Wave was the most trending topic in 2009 on Twitter but unfortunately for ento geeks it didn't proved much of a treat. However its power can only be judged if you have the required requirement for it. For now fingers are crossed for Google designed, HTC manufactured "Nexus One" and how it will be decorated with Android 2.1, is still questionable keeping in mind Nokia N900, Apple iPhone, Motorola Droid and Sony Ericsson Xperia. We have seen many screen shots and its boot animation couple of days ago. Not to forget it is said to be equipped with Snapdragon processor with a tag price of $199.  Moreover rumors are that there will be special discount packages for old GMail users and will be available online and unlocked via Google. seems one authenticated site for  Nexus one pre-orders but is down. Nexus One will be launched in January/February may be 5th Jan at the earliest. Some of up to date known specs are enlisted below

Nexus One Specs:

OS : Android 2.1
Processor: 1GHz Snapdragon
Network : GSM, 3G compatible
Camera : 5MP Autofocus
Display : OLED Capacitive Touch screen
Multitasking : Affirmative
Sensor : Proximity, Ambient Light
Graphics : OpenGL ES 2.0
Connectivity : Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
FM : Stereo FM Tx/Rx
Speakerphone : 1 back, 1 front
Other : Accelerometer, Magnetic Compass, Scroll ball just like HTC Hero


Nexus One Boot Animation [Video + More Pics]

This video is a combination of Red, Blue, Green, Yellow colors, which we know are the prime colors for Google products. Below is the video of a boot screen for Nexuse One operating on Android 2.1.

In addition to previous, couple of more pics are shown below (Click for broader view)

New Google Phone Nexus One Pics emerge

Credits: Engadget

Google Phone named "Nexus One"

Many of the speculations going on in the wild with some still unconfirmed yet. But BGR has posted a solid prove which which shows Google Phone a.k.a Nexus One stake. Nexus One will be sold directly by Google Online unlocked by Google. Below is the screenshots of a server log:

Cory O'Brien posted an updated pic as how actually Nexus One looks like

Google Phone [Additional info and Pics]

Recently TechCrunch confirmed Google Phone and some additional specs known till yet. We covered little known specs previously and here are some more.

It will be running Snapdragon Chip and its fast, a user told. Its equipped with super-high resolution OLED touchscreen, thinner than iPhone, no QWERTY keyboard, with two mics and voice to text feature embedded. One thing more is that it will be build in collaboration with HTC and getting all help from Google. Google Phone will be available in January 2010, is GSM based, unlocked and running Android 2.1.

This shows a strong response to Apple, since we know that there were some critical arguments going on regarding Google Voice app inclusion into Apple Store. Also AT&T and T-Mobile contract with Apple is about to finish and Google will try hard to bet for it. There is a strong possibility that we may see a 'Google Phone Store' just like iTunes and certainty is there that in near future it may contain Google web apps as well.

Below are some screenshots (Click for broader view), credits to TheUnlockr.

Still there is no Official word from Google itself regarding specs rather than dogfooding.

The Google Phone coming

Now its obvious why Google was so interested in Mobile Industry. First they Launched Android Mobile OS and now the Google Phone is in pipeline. Google Employees have an exclusive access to HTC built unlocked Google Phone based on Android 2.1. The phone is rumored to come out in January.

Google Phone is smaller than HTC with smooth edges, capacitive Touchscreen and scrolly ball like on Hero. Google Brand Manager Leslie Hawthron reports

"Stuck in mass of traffic leaving work post last all hands of 2009. OMG we had fireworks and we all got the new Google phone. It’s beautiful."

Home screen has new visual enhancements reports Jason Howell who had an hands on

"The new Google Phone runs on HTC hardware. I saw it w/ Android 2.1. Homescreen has new visual enhancements like animated desktop wallpaper."

More information is still awaited from Google Officially.