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New Volvo Cars with Full Auto Brakes

Volvo plans to introduce XC60 with two interesting safety features, Full Auto Brake and Pedestrian Detection system. An Adaptive cruise control system provides data for precrash systems. This vehicle will be first of its kind to avoid Rear-Enders. New Brake system will use sensors attached to the front grill to continuously monitor and keep a safe distance from the car ahead.

The sensors are so designed that they lessen the speed and prevents a head on collision. The speed of car is determined by infrared sensor placed behind the windshield which feeds data to processor. If a driver is negligible of a possible accident, control system will automatically be alerted for definite avoidance. Watch the Video below

It can be well imagined if a car moving with a speed of 15miles per hour will come to a full stop using this technology. It is just likes Bicycles having disc brakes, as soon as you apply brakes the Brake shoes covering the rim get hold into disc holes. Hence providing maximum security, but of course there are some problems like sudden jerk due to momentum which can danger a life.
These features when implemented successfully will give rise to an era of Full Automated Cars in near Future. The major theme to introduce such technology is to achieve a Zero Death Goal by 2020 as promised by Volvo Team.

Get ready for Dream Cars!