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Jolicloud: A new OS for your Netbook

In an official launch event, Tariq karim introduced first alpha release of new cloud based OS named Jolicloud. It is mainly targeted for Netbooks, however it can be installed on desktops too. Jolicloud OS is somehow same like Google OS.

Jolicloud requires everything to install via online but Google OS is somehow different, as its all applications and working are managed online.

Jolicloud compromises of directory of applications which requires user consent to install. These apps can be sorted by genre, popularity or release date. Installing and removing softwares is only one click away. Hoping back and forth between apps is robust. There is no need of installing any app but all the apps are confined in one screen. Thus it allows easy organizing based on categories. If connected in a shared Jolicloud network, sync is automatically done including log-ins or shared data excluding hardware importance.
 The easiest way to try Jolicloud is via USB. Jolicloud provides the USB bootable Jolicloud tool. It just requires Jolicloud file and USB drive location. Jolicloud also supports Windows Emulator to run applications of your choice.

Some of the drawbacks are that it doesnot support multitasking, downloaded apps are pre organized and it supports limited number or Netbooks.  You can check the Product Compatibility to see if it supports your Netbook or not. If installing Jolicloud on Windows is the requirement then go for Jolicloud Express.

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