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Download Chrome Beta for Mac

Finally Chrome beta for Mac OS X is available for download. Some of the features include

-Bookmark manager
-App Mode
-Task Manager
-Sync for Mac
-Multi-touch Gestures
-Full extension support
-Full Screen Mode

Chromium OS 64-bit

ChromiumOS64  is an unofficial prototype of Google Chrome OS designed by Teo En Ming. This new Chrome OS is dedicated for 64-bit CPU's. Since official Google Chrome OS doesnot support 64-bit PC's but when officially released in 2010, ChromeOS64 will be under Google Chrome OS jurisdiction. It allows users to run as virtual OS on Linux and Windows. The latest release supports XEN Virtualization. It is a Pre-Alpha release and size upto 1GB.

Google Goggles & Project Natal: The Sixth Sense?

Google Goggles is a new initiative taken by Search engine team to make search even more user convenient and friendly. This service will allow end users to take real world pictures and generate a related Google Search. It will be a Visual Mobile Search (VMS) app developed for Android powered Smartphones.  This technology uses Visual recognition and Location based results to provide accurate results. CNBC covers a entertaining video about whats inside the Google visual project

There are couple of known apps which serve this visual search purpose on a smaller scale. One is SnapTell for music, movies, books and other one is PlinkArt for art searches. Now it will be interesting how Google implements Voice search technology on a large scale and how it competes with iPhone which has more than 100,000 apps in Apple Store.

On the other hand Microsoft is also working on Visual Computing projects at its research center. Microsoft Project named "Natal" is a XBox 360 platform for controller free gaming and entertainment.

Microsoft "Natal" to be launched in late 2010 will enable users with a natural interface control with gestures, voice commands or objects and images. However it may sound like something different as compared to Google Goggles but it is the same tree with two branches.

Microsoft Project "Natal" and Google Goggles initiative somehow replicates the TED Sixth Sense idea presented by Pranav Mistry. PhD student at MIT Pranav explains how he manages to converge the Real World objects to Digital World and vice versa. Mistry also explains that his project will be open source and would like end users to extend its open source capabilities.

It will be really interesting to see how these technologies are revolutionized by High Tech Companies like Google and Microsoft to change the future of Visual Computing and Image processing. This will conclude to an era where sixth sense will be a major contributor to worlds economy.

Google launches Dictionary site

Google Inc. is purely focusing on user required content which is the key for their success. Recently Launched Google Dictionary targets mainly user interests. There are many websites dedicated for this purpose, but many people are seen searching  for meanings on Google even though they know about Microsoft Encarta, Answers or Yahoo answers. This new service includes definitions, acronyms from different sites such as Wikipedia. Google Dictionary supports 28 languages. Since Google is on every tongue and it will be a hard for great sites such as to maintain its reputation.

How to Install Google Chrome OS via USB

Previously we covered installing Google Chrome OS via VirtualBox or VMware, and can be implemented with any OS. If you are peculiar how to install it via USB, follow below steps. However it must be noticed that your system BIOS should have support for USB Boot.

1. Download Google Chrome OS img (298.8MB) for USB
2. Uncompress 'chromiumos.img' USB Bootable file with WinRar
3. Download Win32 Disk Imager and run Win32DiskImager.exe
4. Give chromiumos.img file path and select USB drive

5. Click 'Write' and restart your PC.

Google Maps 3.3 for Symbian and Windows Mobile

Google Maps 3.3 have been updated for Symbian and Windows Mobile sets as reported on Google Mobile. The prominent feature is its ability to sync saved locations. As we know Google Maps allow to favorite locations as a star just like bookmarks in any browsers for easy reference in future.

Type in Mobile browser or download .cab file from direct link.

Leaked images for HTC Rome

There are lot of rumors going around for the new HTC products codenamed Leo, Mega, Rome and Click smartphones. Unwired reports HTC Leo to have two displays; WVGA (480x800) internal with 16:9 aspect ratio and external QVGA. Also all these phones are said to be equipped with Android. No specs have been unveiled so far. Below are some screen shots for HTC Rome i.e HTC Touch.B

Twidroid v3.0 released

Rumors speculating about Twidroid v3.0 was early December, but we didn't expected on exactly top of the month. Yes, it is released today. Twidroid v3.0 goodies include

1. Threaded converstaions
2. In-app image/link previews
3. Google Map Twidroid plugin 1.0 support
4. Action menu streamlined with icons
5. Tweet share option
6. Save searches sync with Twitter
7. Report spam
8. Remember timeline position setting
9. Jump to top in timeline
10. DM lists with avatars
11. Autocomplete usernames
12. Bring up tweet box directly with typing @

To Download Twidroid v3.0 launch android market in application menu and search for 'twidroid'. Both free and PRO versions are available.

Open IE Only sites in Google Chrome

There are many sites which have partnered with Microsoft to use Internet Explorer as prime browser for surfing on there sites. We know that many users prefer Firefox or Google Chrome over IE. The reason for this is its robustness, and ease. IE 6 and IE 7 doesnot support JavaScript, which is a main feature for many users to look out. If you are a Google Chrome or Google Chromium user and want to open IE Only sites, you should get help from its IE Extension. IE Tab Extension integrates with Google Chromium as an .crx extension and opens all 'IE Only' without even opening IE. It works with all latest Google Chromium dev Builds.

Aero Chrome Theme 1.5

Aero theme 1.5 crx version is the finest production by stamga after its popular theme 'Aero Theme 2.5'. It is capable of direct installation with Google Chrome as an .crx extension. The tabs are bright black with aero style background. Have a screen shot

Try the New Google Search

Google has come up with a new redesign for search results. It includes a new logo and some search refinements. Previously these were rumors but it has been confirmed. To try it for yourself;

1. Go to
2. Enter below code into browser's URL Address field


3. Hit Enter and reload.

How to install Google Chromium OS

Apart from downloading the raw format for Google Chrome Operating System, if you want to run as Virtual Installation you should try out VMWare or VitualBox tool and Google Chrome VMWare image. In order to use Google Chrome OS you should have a GMail account. It will be secure for you to try out GOS with a new GMail account. Its not a headache whether you are running a Windows, Linux or Mac OS. GOS can be virtually installed on any platform.

Download VMWare or VirtualBox

Official Google Chrome OS Source Code

Google has Officially announced its Operating System source code. It is purely based on Google Chrome browser. All the applications are web based. HTML 5 capabilities will allow to promote 3rd Party apps. However currently Android apps will not be able to run in Google Chrome OS. The main target of Google is to give a purely different Computing platform. Sadly it won't be compatible with many Netbooks. Nevertheless Google OS based Netbooks will be available soon. According to Google representative they are in collaboration with many hardware companies for hardware compatibilities. Amazingly its bootup time is about 7sec and obviously requires web access. There is offline support for Google apps and for now it looks like it is targeted to developers mainly.

Download Google Chrome OS Source Code

Droid Explorer

Droid Explorer is a Windows based navigation tool for Gadgets running Google Android OS. These devices include HTC Hero, Motorola Droid, Sony Ericsson X10 etc. After the announcement of Android SDK 2.0, applications and tools are hard to come by. Droid Explorer manages your rooted Android device just like Windows Explorer.
Its features include

1. Multiple Device Support
2. Auto update
3. Device command shell window
4. Reboot device in to recovery mode
5. Drag & Drop file copy from Explorer
6. Flash Recovery Image
7. Package Manager (Install & Uninstall)
8. No need to mount SD card to access files from computer
10. Access files in other directories besides SD card
11. Delete or Copy/Paste files from device to local clipboard
12. Take a Screen Shot (landscape or portrait)
13. Control your android device with your mouse and keyboard
14. Better Hero Support
15. Backup applications and creates an containing the applications

Google Hidden Pages

Apart from Google Search engine website there are some other sub pages available from Google prime website. These are kind of hidden to public as layman don't know about it but they exist. These pages are some how related to Special occasions, rival companies, Doodles etc. Do check out all below links

Google's Microsoft

Google's Firefox

Google Mac

Google Linux

Tribute to Mother's

Valentine Day Page

Mentaplex April Fool

Google Newletter

Google Search statistics for 9/11

Google Doodles

Google Beta logo

Google in Hacker language

Britney Spears search on Google

Easter Egg page




Google Zeitgeist

Google help to build better Query




Google Pigeon Rank

Googlg Gulp

Download GMail's w.r.t range

After introducing Google Gears for offline availability of Emails, GMail comes with new download options. These download Options allow us to specify a range for emails to download like in days, weeks, months or even years. Select the range and you're ready to download. To access this feature go to Settings>Offline>Download Options.

This option is available only when you have enabled Offline GMail. Check out Google Offline Gears to enable it. This will allow speedier Offline access with rich customization. Since using just Offline Gears don't tell you which mails are being downloaded, However this downloading option will let us to download latest emails or any required range of Emails for offline access.

Google Wave Manual

A Guide to Google Wave is available online for new comers and users trying to expertise the technique of waving. It covers a comprehensive list of Google Wave features, Getting started, How To, Managing contacts, Organizing waves, Wave Gadgets/Extensions etc. Book content contains 8 Chapters namely

1. Meet Google Wave
2. Get started with Wave
3. Manage your wave contacts
4. Find and Organize Waves
5. Dive Deeper into wave
6. Master Wave's interface
7. Wave Gadgets
8. Wave Bots

However this isn't the Official release from Google Inc., but perhaps we may see an Official update from Google on Google Wave Guide from Developers perspective.

Google Wave Guide

HTC Droid Eris Leaked Images

HTC Droid Eris is expected to be released on 6th November and the astonishing thing about it is its cost, only $99. Expected/unofficial specifications would be like

1. Android 1.6 (along with HTC's Sense UI)
2. 3.2-inch touchscreen display
3. 528MHz Qualcomm CPU
4. 5 mega-pixel camera
5. Wi-Fi connectivity
6. CDMA phone for Verizon Wireless

Detailed Unofficial specs

Follow some early snapshots

Sony Ericsson going Android

Sony Ericsson planning to roll out Google Android based handset. This phone named Xperia X3 will be equipped with

1. 1GHz processor Snapdragon processor
2. 8MP camera
3. Qual-band (850/900/1800/1900) GSM Phone with dual band (900/2100) 3G
4. 10Mbps HSPDA
5. 2Mbps HSUPA
6. Bluetooth 2.1
7. WiFi G

Its custom made UI named 'Rachael' is built on Google Android. It is expected on 3rd November. Have a sneak peak below

10 Google Wave Invitations Giveaway

Google Wave is an online Communications and Collaboration tool. It is much like a Multi-Comm product with some Professional features. Google Wave for public will open in early 2010 and for now its only invites based We will be giving away 10 Google Wave invitations to our lucky readers.

Criteria: Enter your Emails in comment box and RT
Deadline: 5th November
Results: 6th November

Try your luck, and Bookmark to check back!