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10 Lucky Google Waver's Announced

Today we are happy to announce the 10 lucky winners of Google Wave invitations which started on 31st October and lasted till 5th November. All the invitees have been invited and please be patient as it will take 2-3 days on Google Wave Team behalf to activate your Google Wave Account. Lucky ones are

7. luca78b [at] gmail [dot] com

Tribute to the IIUI Youth

Salute to the 20th October 2009 IIUI Blast Victims

Thanks to Xeb Qamar, Affan Manzoor, Asim Rasool Malik, BSSE04. (IIUI)

Electronic or Electrocutive Cigarettes?

Whether you burn a cigarette with match stick or with charge the result is obviously the same.

Electronic Cigarette or simply abbreviated as E-Cigarette/smoke/pipe/cigar/liquid was developed by Ruyan America Co. headed by Mr. Hon Lik in 2004. It was then marketed by Ruyan Group Holdings Ltd in China. Without any solid documentation approval by any international Health Organization or WHO it is still being used and widely available online.

Amazon is selling this product with the brand named Gamucci with a price tag of $60.

The E-Cig is made up of 3 main components, a battery, an vapourizer, and a nicotine cartridge. It is self extinguished. When you breathe in the vapourizer turns a small amount of liquid nicotine into vapour nicotine which is delivered through mouth.

There are some speculations that E-Cig is less harmful as compared to traditional one. However recent laboratory experiments by US Food and Drug Association (FDA) has announced that they have found traces of carcinogens and diethylene glycol (toxic anti-freeze agent). Highly addictive flavors like chocolate and mint contain nicotine which may appeal to young people.

According to FDA Health care professionals and consumers may report the serious side effects or product quality control online, mail or tele contacts listed on previous links.

My humble question to FDA is that 'If you are much concerned about the Health of other people then why not E-cig can be banned world wide by you or WHO'?

Is MARS our Second Home?

Scientists at NASA are experimenting unique tactics to explore MARS. The one of the kind is MER (MARS Exploration Rover) Project to be launched around October 2011. The Prime responsibility of this task is to discover some key building blocks of life like carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen etc.

2011 is too far but there is a way to quench yourselves. NASA has announced a different concept to make you part of MER home search. This includes a microchip to be sent to MARS with your names on it. I have been given the Participation certificate

Hurry Up and get your names on the CHIP to be a part of new home.

MARS Participation