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Table Tennis Pro

Table Tennis is far most the best game commonly known as ping pong or wiff waff game. This game was introduced in 1926 and Chinese are the masters of it. But to many enthusiasts this is a dilemma to leave busy schedule and have fun playing. Nevertheless there is some alternative which can make you satisfy for some time. However gamer geeks will love to have a Table Tennis game running on PC.

Table Tennis Pro is a freeware game. It is Two player game with customizable bats and tables. For smooth play 3D graphics card is required. The key feature about this game is its innovative control system.

It allows to control power and spin on shots for effective opponent dodge. 12 camera views have been included to monitor replays. In addition to that 12 playing environments have also been added which include playing rooms, multiple table surfaces, nets, stands and balls.

Download Table Tennis Pro (5.4MB)

Download Fifa 10

New Fifa 10 makes hard to believe that you will win the World Cup. Designed by EA Sports includes amazing features like

1. Authentic Game play
2. Individual Team style
3. Pre Match Scouting reports
4. Season Mode
5. Manger Mode
6. 360 Dribbling
7. Online Gaming
8. New Russian League

Fifa 10 Video

Check Fifa 10 compatibility for PC

Download links

Need for Speed Shift - PC

Thirst for speed hasn't dried yet. You are going to experience a new era of speed and racing. Physical realism of driving will brutally burn your mind with the heat. You will be challenged for every turn you get into. You are not the only one to be suffered by crashes, if you got guts then prove the SHIFT.

Need for speed Shift is the latest game offered by EA Sports in NFS series. Watch the NFS SHIFT Trailer below

NFS SHIFT PC Demo is 1.1GB in size and is available for download via below links.

Download link 1

Download link 2

Check system compatibility before downloading.

Check System Compatibility for latest Games

This month is turning out to be lucky for all the Gamers freak. Obviously, it should be after the release of most popular games like Need For Speed Shift, Fifa 10, Batman Arkham Asylum, Halo 3, CoD World at War to name a few. Fantastic reviews and fabulous screen shots tempt many to download the game or even buy CD/DVD instantly. Problem occurs when whole of the game is downloaded through hectic search or bought for original price, and you come to know that its not even compatible with your system. Although minimum system requirements for particular game are listed on their official sites, but there are cases when your system does not fulfill min requirements and can run game surprisingly.

The best solution to check your system compatibility for particular game to run by visiting System Requirements Lab. This site provides a detail overview of your hardware for any game that you select and also lists Recommended configuration for smooth play. It also shows system components information like CPU, RAM, HD Space, Graphics/Video Card, DirectX, Sound Card etc.

Visit SystemRequirementslab for online Check!