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Twidroid v3.0 released

Rumors speculating about Twidroid v3.0 was early December, but we didn't expected on exactly top of the month. Yes, it is released today. Twidroid v3.0 goodies include

1. Threaded converstaions
2. In-app image/link previews
3. Google Map Twidroid plugin 1.0 support
4. Action menu streamlined with icons
5. Tweet share option
6. Save searches sync with Twitter
7. Report spam
8. Remember timeline position setting
9. Jump to top in timeline
10. DM lists with avatars
11. Autocomplete usernames
12. Bring up tweet box directly with typing @

To Download Twidroid v3.0 launch android market in application menu and search for 'twidroid'. Both free and PRO versions are available.

Dolphin for Motorola DROID, Hero and Cyanogen

Dolphin is the Multi-Touch Browser which supports Motorola Droid, Hero and Cyanogen. Dolphin runs on Google Android 2.0. Take a look what Dolphin includes with its features

1. Easy share on web and social networks like Twitter, Facebook
2. Multi-Touch Zoom support
3. RSS Feed detection and subscription with Google Reader
4. Auto Sync with Google Bookmark
5. Favorites accessibility with PC and Mobile
6. View most popular web pages on one page
7. Smart Address bar with autocomplete and Google search integration
8. One step access to most common actions
9. Quick Access to Google services
10. Fast windows switching

To download point your Android device to market://search?

Fring for Android Devices

Fring is a popular VoIP application which allows users to make VoIP calls over many IM platforms like Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ and MSN. The new Fring 3.40 comes with Twitter integration. Fring came after almost an year for Android. It also support other device platforms such as iPhone, Windows Mobile versions and Symbian. View Fring features

1. Take all IM buddies mobile and view them from one, integrated contact list
2. Free calls
3. Live chat instead of SMS
4. Call landlines and regular cellular contacts using SkypeOut or SIP
5. View your friends' profiles
6. Enjoy mobile internet via fringAdd-on applications
7. View call history
8. Invite friends to fring
9. Send & receive files
10. Choose incoming call and message tones
11. Auto-roam in and out of WiFi hotspots
12. Create a fringAdd-on

To download point your Android device to

Seesmic for Blackberry and Android

After the announcement of Seesmic for Windows at PDC'09, now the team is compassionate about gadgets side also. Recently Seesmic application is launched for Blackberry and Android phones.

Seesmic for Blackberry
1. Create and view searches
2. View lists
3. Shorten URL's
4. Create notification alerts for DM's and Replies

To download, point your blackberry to

Seesmic for Android
1. Easy to use UI and threaded direct messages
2. Share Photos to yfrog & TwitPic
3. Share Videos on YouTube
4. Shorten URL's with &
5. Fully configuration notifications

To download click on market://search?q=pname:com.seesmic from your Android Device.

Droid Explorer

Droid Explorer is a Windows based navigation tool for Gadgets running Google Android OS. These devices include HTC Hero, Motorola Droid, Sony Ericsson X10 etc. After the announcement of Android SDK 2.0, applications and tools are hard to come by. Droid Explorer manages your rooted Android device just like Windows Explorer.
Its features include

1. Multiple Device Support
2. Auto update
3. Device command shell window
4. Reboot device in to recovery mode
5. Drag & Drop file copy from Explorer
6. Flash Recovery Image
7. Package Manager (Install & Uninstall)
8. No need to mount SD card to access files from computer
10. Access files in other directories besides SD card
11. Delete or Copy/Paste files from device to local clipboard
12. Take a Screen Shot (landscape or portrait)
13. Control your android device with your mouse and keyboard
14. Better Hero Support
15. Backup applications and creates an containing the applications