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Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player a.k.a Macromedia Flash Player lets you to view animation on web. Released on 8th December supports all platforms. Adobe Flash Player delivers high impact, rich content and breath taking design. Version accompanies with

1. 3D effects
2. Enhanced Hardware acceleration
3. New vector data type
4. Custom filters and design
5. Advanced text support
6. Dynamic streaming
7. Speex audio codec
8. Dynamic sound generation
9. Enhanced Drawing API
10. File uploads and downlods API
11. Color correction
12. Animation composing
13. 4096x4096 bitmap support
14. Real Time Media Flow Protocol (RTMFP)

Download Adobe Flash Player

"Avatar" an Adobe AIR App

Avatar is an upcoming Sci-Fi, Action movie directed by James Cameron. He is also the director of famous hit films like Terminator, Titanic, Spider-Man and Dark Angel, Aliens etc. Avatar is due to release on 18th December, 2009. Much for the anticipation, there are some Official trailers released. However there is also an Adobe AIR based Avatar Application. This app consists of all the up to date trailer, tweets and flickr photos. This app also provides behind the scene cast-member interviews and exclusive footage while trailer is being played with resume capability.

Adobe AIR 2 Beta

Adobe AIR 2 Beta? Yes definitely its time we should see some new change, Isn't it? Released to public includes less CPU memory consumption, enhanced API for Mass storage device integration, access from USB, Flash memory, Digital Cameras and many more. Microphone will get recording/recording access without server help. Multi Touch support for hardware compatible like in Windows 7 or Mac OS X Snow Leopard gestures. It also includes Web 2.0 features like IPv6 support. For detail follow official release here.

Google Translation AIR Application

Previously we covered Adobe AIR based Translation application named Geniale Translator which supports upto 31 languages. But for Google AIR Translator, it supports upto 88 languages and also includes some native languages. It is a real time application. Just enter the text and hit 'Translate it'. But if more functionality is required like loading text from a file or saving a translated file on computer then Geniale Translator is the one you should be looking for.

Requirements: Adobe AIR

Download Google AIR Translator

AIR RSS Readefined

There are many options to read your RSS reads. One of the most popular is Google Reader. If you are looking for an Adobe AIR application, you got it. Readefine Desktop is a very simple application for reading RSS reads in column layout. It converts articles into simple Text, HTML format for an easy read. Readefine offers fully customizable text layout to change font, column width, paragraph etc settings. There are 4 options available to read RSS feeds

1. From Web URL
2. From Computer
3. Via Copy and Paste
4. From Google Reader

Supports Windows, Mac, Linux platforms. Keyboard shortcuts can also be availed for quick work.

Requirements: Adobe AIR

Download Readefined

Vimeo Desktop Uploader

Vimeo Desktop Uploader allows to upload multiple videos at once. With this Adobe AIR based application it is possible to do custom settings like pause, resume uploading, add titles, tags and basic privacy settings for videos. Vimeo gives basic version absolutely free for casual uploaders and supporting options like

1. High Quality Video
2. 500/MB Upload Space
3. Upload 1 HD Video/Week
4. 3 Albums, 1 Group, 1 Channel
5. No bandwidth or time limits
6. Basic Video player customization
7. Password protected videos

Requirements: Adobe AIR

Go to free Registration page

Geniale Language Translator

Geniale Translator is an Adobe AIR based Desktop Application. This application uses Google Translation API to translate different languages. Geniale Translator uses real time translation mechanism for which you don't have to hit Translate button. It supports 31 different languages. Good feature about this software is its support to load text document for language conversion. Simply select 'From' language and 'To' language options and hit Enter. You can also save the converted text translation as .txt file.

Requirements: Adobe AIR

Download Geniale Translator

Waver - Tiny Google Wave Client

Waver is a tiny Google wave Client. It is an AIR APP which allows you to Wave through your desktop as well as from your iphone. It features

1. View to a list of waves
2. Reply to waves
3. Create a new wave
4. Manage wave contacts

It is a free application which support Windows and Mac platforms.

Requirements: Adobe AIR, Google Wave Account

[Download Waver]

New TweetDeck 0.31

So whats New with TweetDeck 0.31? Actually quite good improvements have been seen in latest version. The prominent enhancements are Facebook, MySpace, accounts integration, Notifications and photo sharing. In previous version new tweets update was noticeable through a pop up window showing the 'number' of tweets/mentions/DM. And in addition this version also show new timeline tweets with Context. Now you wont have a need to click to see what your friends are tweeting. Simply you can watch and scroll for other tweets through the same pop up window.

Requirement: Adobe AIR

Download TweetDeck 0.31

[b2] Animated GMail Notifier

Bored with the conventional GMail Notifier? b2 will not make you more. [b2] Gmail Notifier is an animated freeware for multiple OS like Windows, MacOS and Linux. It is basically a Adobe AIR application with cool animations. [b2] notifies about new email messages. These animations (which you can change depending on your liking) appear when you receive new emails in your inbox. Check out the online gallery of Animations. To create Animations of your own, follow here.

Requirements: Adobe AIR (15.11MB)

Download b2 GMail Notifier (1.09MB)

Multi-Facebook Desktop App

Many Facebook desktop applications have been discussed here. Previously a good Facebook Desktop app was posted but it lacked in some features. Now there is a cool Adobe AIR app available which just does more than that.

Facebook Uploader is basically a multi task oriented tool which allows you to do almost every thing from desktop. It has mainly Home, Profile, Friends, Chat, Upload Menu. The 'Home' menu shows you all feeds, 'Profile' is where you can change, view or edit your own profile settings, 'Friends' shows your friends list, 'Chat' is where you can engage in a conversation with your online friends, and lastly 'Upload' a powerful feature which allows you to add multiple photo's with click and drag. On the right is the Current Stream column and above that are the commonly available features like invitations, inbox, friend requests etc.

Here's how to upload photo's with ease
>Go to 'Upload' Menu
>Choose the Album or Create a New One
>Click Add Photos and Browse the Folder

>To add Bulk amount of photos simply press CTRL and select all the photos to upload (Or simply select all the photos from the folder and drag it on the Facebook Uploader window)
>To add a Caption, Choose any of the photo from left column and click text box next to "Caption"
>You can also Crop, Tag or Rotate Photo's for best view

>When done click Upload images

Requirements: Adobe AIR installer (15.1MB)

Download Facebook Uploader (1.32MB)


Tired of signing in on multiple social sites every time? Try out TweetDeck.

It is a nice and small weight tool which merges your twitter, facebook and many other social accounts at one place. Great feature which i liked about is its 'Column Design'. Now you can see your friends tweet (All friends), Direct messages to you and their replies (Mentions) in one view.
TweetDeck is in beta stages therefore lots of improvements are still awaited.

Download TweetDeck which require Adobe AIR.

Also try Skimmer

Skim Networking

According to Microsoft Encarta "Skim" defines to "Pass closely over surface of something".

A newly designed LifeStream widget by Follon unlike Twitter which allows your day-to-day interaction with multiple social networks easier. Currently it supports Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr and Blogger.

Its feature include:

1.Feed View:
2.Inline Media:
3.Slideshow View:
4.Flickr View:
5.Youtube View:
6.Your Own Social Profile:

To enhance browser functionality it has been introduced with "Drag and Drop uploading" to Flickr and Youtube
feature.It sure is a cool widget to concatenate multiple sources on one platform.

Definitely, Skimmer skims networking briefly.

Can be downloaded from Fallon which requires Adobe AIR installation.

Happy Skimming..!