Microsoft Office 2010 Beta 2 released to public

Microsoft has officially released Office 2010 Beta 2 for public download. It is free to download. Microsoft Office 2010 Beta 2 has updated versions of all Office products. Office Professional products include Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Onenote, Access, Publisher.

In addition Microsoft is also offering its Office web apps supported with Firefox and Safari. However it requires a Live account, which i am sure every one has. Web based services comes handy for Virtual interaction on any other OS like Google OS, Linux, Mac or when you are away from your PC.

Microsoft Outlook 2010 will prove to be a hard contender as compared to Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0 since both products has social integration. Also Outlook allows to manage contact information remotely via PC or Mobile. Moreover Word 2010 offers Multiuser co-authoring option, which means two users with same file opened simultaneously will have administrative privileges to edit any part of the work. This feature proves to be very useful for long distance negotiations or writing minutes from a public meeting etc.


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