How to Root/Unroot Motorola CLIQ


Motorola 4.2.0 Driver for 32-bit Windows
Motorola 4.2.0 Driver for 64-bit Windows
RSD Lite 4.5.7

Root Motorola CLIQ:
- Install Motorola Driver and RSD Lite 4.5.7
- Download SHX File and unzip it
- Start RSD Lite, browse unzipped SHX file and select phone, it will reboot
- Run following command

adb remount
adb shell chmod 4755 /system/bin/su

Unroot Motorola CLIQ:
- Download 1.1.31 Firmware and unzip
- Run RSD Lite 4.5.7, browse unzipped SHX file and select phone
- It will reboot phone to bootloader and flash unrooted firmware

Note: It will erase all stored data including apps, works with T-Mobile CLIQ firmware 1.1.4


Bradley said...

I had to use this to reflash the software on my device. I've been having trouble logging into MotoBLUR and reflashing with that image file has fixed EVERYTHING! Thanks SO MUCH!

Anonymous said...

When I go to Unroot my Cliq, RSD Lite 4.5.7 detects the phone, but when I load up the extracted .shx file, the "start" button is still disabled.
Any help?

Brad said...

yeah so i did this and it rebooted into a black screen that only reads Bootloader USB Init on the bottom and nothing else.

lots of help please.

Anonymous said...

im stuck in bootloader init.. what to do ?? HELP

fagmango said...

I've tried this and many other ways. It gets through the first portion to install the image then fails to flash. My phone will not allow me to install a mod rom or roll back so I'm dead in the water. Now I have a phone where none of the keys are mapped to the correct letters. DO NOT TRY TO ROOT OR MOD YOUR PHONE UNLESS YOU CAN BUY A NEW ONE!!!

Christian said...

i also need help, when i get ready to do this in rsd lite, it cannot detect the phone!? need help please -

Anonymous said...

ok my phone is stuck in time dec 31 1969 at 7:00
and it dont let me sign in to my motoblur wat do i do??? and it dont let reboot with the firmware up there

Anonymous said...

yeah i had the same thing happen to me that means ur phone is done...thanks a lot buddy

Anonymous said...

It dosent let me see my phone on the rsd lite does anyone know

Anonymous said...

ivancito, it's not done... just get another ROM... i already had that same problem... i think it has something to do with the radio version...

Anonymous said...

fagmango, are all the keys messed up? or Just A/Z and Q/W?

Maybe you just had a ROM with azerty instead of qwerty keymapping...

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