Google Phone [Additional info and Pics]

Recently TechCrunch confirmed Google Phone and some additional specs known till yet. We covered little known specs previously and here are some more.

It will be running Snapdragon Chip and its fast, a user told. Its equipped with super-high resolution OLED touchscreen, thinner than iPhone, no QWERTY keyboard, with two mics and voice to text feature embedded. One thing more is that it will be build in collaboration with HTC and getting all help from Google. Google Phone will be available in January 2010, is GSM based, unlocked and running Android 2.1.

This shows a strong response to Apple, since we know that there were some critical arguments going on regarding Google Voice app inclusion into Apple Store. Also AT&T and T-Mobile contract with Apple is about to finish and Google will try hard to bet for it. There is a strong possibility that we may see a 'Google Phone Store' just like iTunes and certainty is there that in near future it may contain Google web apps as well.

Below are some screenshots (Click for broader view), credits to TheUnlockr.

Still there is no Official word from Google itself regarding specs rather than dogfooding.


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