Google Nexus One Pricing Details

Gizmodo got hands of pricing details for Google Nexus One, an Android based Smartphone. According to which there are two buying plans available.

 1. If you plan to buy Google Nexus one with T-Mobile carrier, it will cost $179.99 which includes 500 talk time minutes, Unlimited nights and weekends, Unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile minutes. Individual 500 T-Mobile pricing Plan also covers unlimited local SMS, MMS, IM, Android unlimited web for $79.99/m. Existing users have an option of up gradation. This plan covers 2 year contract service.

2. If you plan to buy only Google Nexus One without carrier (Unlocked) it will cost $529.99. It accompanies with accessories such as charger, USB Cable, Phone case and free shipping for US customers.

Google will sell phones by itself through online. Also 5 Google Nexus one phones can be purchased with one GMail Email ID.


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