Convert Internet Explorer to Google Chrome

Internet Explorer is under much criticism due to factors like performance issues, unsatisfactory JS performance, security loopholes etc. The latest IE8 is far better than IE6 or even IE7. However there is no upgrade available for IE6 from Microsoft.

Most of the users have Windows XP installed on their PC's which comes with built-in IE6. Due to some official/personal restrictions they are bound to use IE6 which is painful for browsing. Google has developed a 557 KB plug-in for IE users named Google Chrome Frame. This snippet allows users to convert their existing IE into Chrome Browser. It inserts latest Chrome 10MB download-able files with JS features and HTML 5 support.

It seems like Google is gearing up maximum for Google Wave Launch. Way to Go!

Requirements: IE6, 7 or 8, Windows Vista or XP SP2

Download Google Frame


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